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Reflection Post on Film Screening of Vision Portraits

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I attended the Bryn Mawr-hosted film screening on Vision Portraits by filmmaker and Swathmore professor Rodney Evans and the Q and A with Rodney that followed the film screening. The film focused on 4 different kinds of artist who had visual impairments and showcased their work and creative process. The range of artists included a photographer, a dancer, a poet/ writer and a filmmaker and the film detailed their journey over time. It was really interesting to be able to see the artists talk about the different ways that they had adapted their process because of their visual impairment and the way that their work evolved over time. The screening was followed by a Q and A with Rodney Evans who gave insight into his work and answered audience question. I thought the questions asked by the mediator and audience were very thought-provoking and being able to hear the perspective of Rodney really helped highlight how important the making of this movie was. I think these kinds of perspectives are not always brought to the forefront in media so it is important to keep having these kinds of conversations and learning from others.

On the basis of accessibility I thought it was really important that the coordinators of this event provided a zoom option for individuals. Because of my tight schedule I would not have been able to make it to Bryn Mawr on time so having the zoom option is vital for providing the film to a larger audience. For the actual movie screening the link was provided for everyone so I was able to directly watch the movie on my computer instead of trying to watch it through the zoom camera which was also really nice because I was able to experience the film as everyone in the audience did.