Science and a Sense of Place 2007


  1. Please continue thinking about our conversations during the ten days of the Institute, and what we might continue to do together to bring about desireable changes in pre-college (and college) education. Insitute materials will remain available to you (and others) at There you'll find links to all notes and resource lists, your own blogs, and the institute forum area.

    Please visit the home page once more this weekend and leave there your thoughts/ideas/suggestions about our two weeks together. And keep us all posted during the year by recording your thoughts/experiences at least monthly. Keep in mind Serendip, the kinds of resources and conversations it would be helpful to you and others to have there, and contributions that you (and your students) might be able to make to that.

  2. By September 1, please POST A CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL on the proposal forum of our course home page. This should describe some aspect of your experiences with the Institute which suggests a way to improve pre-college education, and the particular changes which you want to try out in your own classroom. It should include as well a budget indicating how you will spend $200 to bring about those changes. (If you participated in the Brain and Behavior Institute, you can submit a proposal, in two copies, for work arising from both institutes). Checks will be mailed for receipt by October 1.

  3. By June 1, please prepare and send to us a report on the outcome of your curriculum development activities. This report should be thoughtful (including both successes and failures), no more than three or four pages long, and provide a synopsis of what you actually did and how that in turn suggests additional things for yourself and other teachers.

  4. All of us involved with the Summer Institute program would like to continue to work with you in any additional ways that you think would be helpful. Stay in touch.


    Anne Dalke and Wil Franklin
    Departments of English and Biology
    Bryn Mawr College
    Bryn Mawr, Pa. 19010
    610 526-5308
    610 526-5090