Minisymposium 2006 on K-16 Collaborations

Bryn Mawr College K-12 Summer Institute Program
Bryn Mawr Haverford K-16 Collaborations in Science and Mathematics Education
With support from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Participant List

Begiraj, Leonard Strawberry Mansions High, teacher
Bennett, Dedre Huey Middle, teacher
Brodfuehrer, Peter Bryn Mawr College, faculty
Bronstein, Alan Central High, teacher
Cook-Sather, Alision Bryn Mawr College, faculty
Cyckowski, Laura Bryn Mawr College, student
Dalke, Anne Bryn Mawr College, faculty
Davis, Tamara Bryn Mawr College, faculty
Dixon, Ann Serendip web master
Dorfman, Susan Baldwin School, teacher
Feng, Angel Central High, student
Foster, Charles Webster Elementary, teacher
Franklin, Wil Bryn Mawr College, faculty
Friedman, Kaitlin Bryn Mawr College, student
Gorham, Dalia Huey Middle, teacher
Griffin, Christopher Lamberton, teacher
Grobstein, Paul Bryn Mawr College, faculty
Hazen, Deb Lasdowne Friends, teacher
Henderson, Cynthia Shawmont School
Jablin, Michael Haverford College, student
Lucas-Odom, Judith Chester High School, teacher
Marine, Jack Rising Horizons Charter, teacher
Morris, Sherry Kensington Culinary, teacher
Reese, Betsy Bryn Mawr College, info services
Riihimaki, Catherine Bryn Mawr College, post doc
Sioson, Katherine Central High, student
Sullivan, Ameera Strawberry Mansions High, teacher
Tyson, Carolyn Turner Middle, teacher
Wagner, Marita Carnell School, speech therapist
Whitfield, Mingh Lansdowne Friends School
Wood, Annabella Bryn Mawr College, student

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