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Mini-Symposium on K-16 Connections

Lunch Questions

  1. What are the actual and potential connections between K-12 and undergraduate science education? How can they benefit undergraduate science education and K-12 education?
    Response from Marita Wagner, David Smith, Joan Johnston, John Gossin, and Paul Grobstein

  2. What are the special challenges we face to make science accessible for all students?
    Response from Regina Toscani, Marlene Pride, Bob Cole, Karin Ackerfelt

  3. What is the best way to educate and train the next generation of science teachers?
    Response from Randal Holly, Gerry Brown, Wendy Marr, and Doris Daniels

  4. How can we prepare students effectvely to cope with the impact of science and technology on society? How do we increase general science literacy for more effective citizenship?
    Response from Nayjuana Woodberry, Sharon Lee, Carolyn Tyson, Claudette Stone, Karen Cohen, Gerry Wasserman, and Rob Fairman

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