Water Pollution
What are the sources  of water pollution?
What are the effects of water pollution?
What can we do to decrease water pollution?


Sources of Water Pollution
Direct Contaminant Sources
   Fluids emitted from factories,           refineries,waste treatment plants, etc. that go directly into urban water supplies.
Indirect Contaminant Sources
    Enter the water supply from soil/groundwater systems and from the atmosphere by way of rain water.

Effects of Water Pollution

Ways to Decrease Water Pollution

Enrichment Activities
Students will use newspapers or magazines to locate pictures of pollution or potential pollution problems.  They will write sentences about the pollution represented in their picture.  Mount the pictures on construction paper and relate this to our neighborhood.

Enrichment Activities Part II
Now, take action to help clean up your environment
Join forces with local clean up operations
Adopt areas in our school ( cafeteria, school yard )
Sponsor a pollution awareness in our school
Organize a stream or neighborhood clean up

Internet and other Resources
Dr. Suess  The Lorax
Living in The Environment: An Introduction to Environmental Science by G. Tyler Miller