Recycling Paper OBJECTIVE: students will be able to state why recycling paper is important MOTIVATOR:
  1. Students will collect all of the trash they throw away in a tash bag for one week.
  2. Students will hypothesize and then observe who throws paper on the floor more boys or girls.
BACKGROUND: Teacher will review how the 3R's work: Reduce, reuse and recycle.

PROGRAM: Through the local solid waste commission boxes for the classroom (office) and pick-up by this agency can be provided. Information about the types of paper that will be recycled will be posted near or on each box.

  1. Reduce - start with this first because it means we are using fewer natural resources and less energy.
    1. less land is needed for refills.
    2. reduce by buying goods that use less packaging
  2. Reuse
    1. -reusing items over and overkeeps them from becoming waste.
    2. -use plastic containers to carry lunch instead of wrapping them in plastic.
  3. Recycle - converting used items back into raw material - conserves valuable natural resources and reduces waster that has to be placed in landfills.
  1. Students will start the day by putting any trash they have in their plastic bag.
  2. Students will carry the bag around everywhere they go.
  3. At the end of the week students will weigh their bags and themselves at the same time. They will next deduct their weight to get the weight of the trash.
  4. Next student will get the class total for all the paper trash.
  1. How much trash did you produce in one week compared with other classmates?
  2. How much would you generate in one month? 10 years? How many tons is this? (1 ton = 2,000 lbs.)
  3. What are some alternatives to this type of packaging?
  4. What kind of resources were used to make these thing (wood/trees)?
  5. Which of the items can be - Reduced? Reused? Recycled?
NOTE: This process will take time before it can be instilled as a natural way to dispose of waste paper. Extension: Other lesson can involve making recycled paper. PA Standard: 3.5.10. B Explain sources and uses of earth resources. SITES: To start a program: "Recycling in Schools", Pennsylvania Resources Council 3606 Providence Road Newtown Square, PA l9073 610 353-l555