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Name:  RaMona Adams
Date:  2002-07-25 12:07:22
Message Id:  2368
The morning lecture was very interesting. I was surprised to see the link between health issues and the sciences. Kay surely must have a great time teaching using this type of twist. I now know that you can take almost any subject and link it with science. That's why science is so great!
Name:  Marita Wagner
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  Thursday morning
Date:  2002-07-25 12:38:28
Message Id:  2369
Ms. Edwards showed some good examples of "bridging cultures" in various areas of inquiry. The activity which involved finding science-related material in newspapers/magazines struck me--especially the pervasive use of science in advertisements.
Name:  Tom
Subject:  Thursday AM
Date:  2002-07-25 12:48:24
Message Id:  2370
Many of my colleagues seemed to believe that creation and evolution should have equal standing in the science class. I believe there is enough scientific evidence to make it appropriate to teach evolution as an accepted theory. We should, however, limit ourselves to just teaching about creationism as a belief held by many people, and we should offer no judgments about its validity.
Name:  S. Cooper
Subject:  Women and health
Date:  2002-07-25 13:04:03
Message Id:  2371
Ms.Edwards was a delightful speaker. She brought many refrences and
stimulated my interest in Science via the health field.
Using the newspaper and current magazines seems like a good way to get my
students involved.
Name:  Randal
Subject:  Outbreaks and Epidemics
Date:  2002-07-25 13:05:56
Message Id:  2372
I would like to learn more about how outbreaks and epidemics were dealt with in various societies, not only by those who practiced medicine but those who dictated public policy. I am remembering a scene from a Monty Python movie in which workers were assigned to travel through various neighborhoods and collect diseased individuals while shouting "Bring out your dead". Its depiction, humorous as it was, perhaps may not have been far off from what was actually true.
Name:  Lois Mackey
Subject:  Reaction to This Morning Session
Date:  2002-07-25 13:12:58
Message Id:  2374
I truly enjoy this morning session " Women and Health " with Dr. Kaye Edwards. The group assignment using the various articles in the newspapers, or the magazines, that were either science,or science related,how it stirred up a lot of energy in the room. You were able to witness how an assignment of this nature could engage students in learning that could draw their interest, engage them to interact with one another on a positive note, and stir up other interests that could serve them in the future when deciding on career goals.Pesonally, I saw many of ways that I could uterlize this activity in my own classroom. This truly was evident of "bridging culture" in curriculum.
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  women and health
Date:  2002-07-25 13:15:37
Message Id:  2375
kaye edwards was really good this morning. she started out by dicussing the educational exposure of each one of her children, whos grade level ranged from a tenth grade to a third grade student.she addresses the fact that in looking at her childrens educational curriculum the science piece was not always integrated with other major subjects.from that point kaye shifted the lesson by having each on of us focus on finding an article in the news that related to science or biology and to see how does the artilce adresses the biological component.or you could have looked for a article that does not address the sciences but you see where science could have been a major component to the article.we also explored how other interdisciplines could have made the article much more informative to the having a open discussion everyone was able to share ideas brainstorm about the article and even develop some classroom activties that could lead into really good science was a pleasure listening to kaye this morning, i believe i will be able to use some of the information and ideas in my school this year.
Name:  Charles Foster
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  women and health
Date:  2002-07-25 13:16:09
Message Id:  2376
This morning's session was helpful. I enjoyed the newspaper activity. I have done this type of activity with my students before but in the future I will use it on a consistient basis. Perhaps this will help the students avoid a phobia of science and view science as a routine part of everyday life.

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