Bridging Cultures Institute 2002

Metaphors for Teachers/Classrooms/Students

(see Diversity and Evolution)

 dronescolony of beesdrones
 cookpotluck suppercooks
wardenguardcorrectional facilityinmates
 sprinker [regulating water flow]waterdry sponges
 gardenergardenplants (are any of them weeds?)
 tennis instructorskill/behaviorplayer
 librarianuniversity building wrecked by earthquake [everything is there! you just cannot find it!]borrowers
 conductorsymphony orchestramusicians
 Lieutenant military unit/platoonNCOs
 magicianmagic showaudience
 clowncircus/big topaudience
 scrounger of suppliesprisoner of war campprisoner of war
 barber/beauticianmirror held up to view accomplishments/self-worth/personal strengths/potentialclients in the chair
  who moved the cheese? 
 watertankfish looking for knowledge

An interesting issue for future consideration would be to add a column for "the world outside the classroom".

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