Bridging Cultures Institute 2002

First Morning's Discussion

Synoposis by Paul Burgmayer of Science/Humanities, What Appeals/Doesn't Appeal to Students in Each. See raw data.

Topic Process/ content/ expectations Lang. Arts Easy Science Easy Lang. Arts Hard Science Hard
Movement, hands-on (teaching aids) Process X X    
small groups, sharing ideas, getting projects going, cooperative learning Process X X    
competition (teams and individual) Process X X    
rewards Process X X    
routine, clear expectations and outcomes Process X X    
cartoons, games (Jeopardy), variety, field trips Process X X    
computers Process X X    
stories, dramas, debates Process X      
peer and choral reading Process X      
rhythmic properties of language Process X      
puzzles, riddles, jokes Process X      
Activities that confirm and/or challenge existing beliefs ???   X    
dissections in biology, mixing in chemistry Process   X    
danger, grossness Content   X    
cooperative groups (issue of choice) Process     X X
critical thinking       X X
writing ???     X X
assessment Process     X  
long-term activities ???     X  
reading and following directions       X  
staying in one place, patience       X  
disciplines integration (I.e., including writing and/or math in science) Expectations       X
fetal dissections Expectations       X
phobias (concepts, background expectations) Expectations       X
teachers may have to teach outside backgrounds Content       X
terminology (language) Content       X
What is the right answer? Expectations       X
math skills Content        
perception of busywork Expectations        
* "Expectations" are student expectations and resistance created due their expectations          

Last Updated on 7/23/02
By Paul Burgmayer

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