Session 7

Neurons and How They Work: Potentials, Chemicals. Time, Inhibition


Significance of interconnections - topographic organization of sensory, motor neurons - patterns of activity

Significance of interconnections - locating/acknowleding the distinct "I-function"

It is beginning to make sense, that the rest of the nervous system is what the neocortex depends on for learning. I see it most clearly when I think of lessons that are hands on and how much more and more clearly students remember the information and more importantly, the experiences they are having ... Julie

This discussion gives me the terminology to describe why lab experience is such an important part of a science program ... After this morning's discussion, I realized that these experiences "teach" to the unconscious nervous system ... Susan

Elementary students are generally in environments where they can experience learning ultilizing both the concious and unconcius. When students reach high school there seems to be an unwritten rule that is not necessary to tap the unconcious ... Sherry

As a child then, what can we do to help them learn through their unconscious mind? ... Wackomin

Paralyzed Man Uses Thoughts to Move a Cursor

Paralyzed Leech Uses Action Potentials to Swim

Action = patterns of activity in motoneurons; thought = patterns of activity in interneurons (neocortex?); what is "activity"? where do patterns come from?

Moving on: Neurons

Neuron as integrator with autonomy
Equivilence of signals
Inhibition, "thinking backwards"
Time delays in, among other things, "thinking"
Awareness of reality dependent on sensory transducers
General chemical influences

Key points re behavior:

In what ways does knowing something about neurons cause you to think differently about behavior? about education? Write thoughts in Institute Forum Area

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