Session 5

Neurons and Their Interconnections:
The Frog and the Storyteller


The Brain - is wider than the Sky -
For - put them side by side -
The one the other will contain
With ease - and You - beside-

"The brain creates the world?" ... Annabella

"If children are indeed generating outputs to get inputs, they are constructing their learning as we go." ... Gayle

"when I am teaching students- a reminder that they are all hearing and seeing and processing something different is what I need every so often to change up the way I am presenting information to them and expecting them to run with it" ... Julie

"i love my brain. Most of time it serves me quite well as long as I never accept its first thought." ... Susan

"Wow! What fun to meet you all! Do you realize that you have become individuals, in my own brain of course, just from the introductions and snippets of thought that you have published on the web? Thank you for sharing yourselves with me" ... Bertie Wood

"what is thinking? Is thought an "output"? Why does it feel like one (a thought came into my head .... from where? to where?)" ... from day 2

Neurons as input/output elements with intervening processing

Sensory neurons, motor neurons, interneurons

Significance of boxes/interconnections

Action as patterns of neuronal activity, implications of topographic organization of sensory, motor neurons

Locating/acknowledging the"I-function" as a distinct box

The Bipartite Brain: From the "I-function" to the neocortex and story teller

Key Points:

Can you imagine other circumstances where behavior occurs without "awareness"? How significant is this, in general? for education? In what ways is the "story teller" important? Write some thoughts/questions about the unconscious and the "I-function"/"story teller" in the institute forum area.