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Name:  Paul Grobstein
Subject:  taking stock ...
Date:  2003-07-18 08:40:30
Message Id:  6024
What are you thinking that's different from what you were thinking two weeks ago? About the brain? behavior? classrooms?
Name:  Regina
Subject:  THE END
Date:  2003-07-18 09:33:38
Message Id:  6025
The most intriguing revelation to me is that all that I consider to be reality is my own invention. And everybody else is creating his or her own reality. Whose reality is "less wrong? How can we say someone is "not in touch with reality", if reality is subjective and depends upon each person? This is scary since I need an objective standard of life (or reality) to guide me. If I feel that I am not required to "live up" to this objective standard, then I might do some crazy things! The world will be in BIG trouble.
I also want to thank the writer of yesterday's anonymous postings. It took a lot of courage to share that. Continue expressing yourself. Don't let anyone silence you.
My last comment for B&B institute is SHOW ME THE MONEY.
Name:  Antoinette
Subject:  two weeks review
Date:  2003-07-18 09:36:41
Message Id:  6026
Up until two weeks ago, I thought that I was a little strange for the way that I view things. I believed that History was written from the perspective of the winner and that most people when they make decisions comes from their own cumulative perspective of the world around them. After this seminar, I am reminded that I am indeed a little strange, but that is a creation in my own mind. I continue to have difficulty with the 'story' that we can not get things right, that we can only get them less wrong. I am very greatful for everyone's input! Being able to go back and re-read some of the things on the forum is a plus for I change/ develop/mature I may indeed find the comments useful.


Name:  Angie
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  Thoughts
Date:  2003-07-18 09:37:08
Message Id:  6027
As mentioned before, our bodies are very amazing. It is overwhelming to imagine neurons, dendrites, and synapses having conversations with each other in order to produce a reaction. If the reaction seems abnormal or unusual from what they are used to, then they consult the I-function (like if Congress can not reach a decision about a bill, it goes to the President who has the option to pass or veto it.)

I am disappointed that I will not be attending the next session. This sessions was very enjoyable. The everyone has been very friendly and I wish you the best in the future. Nice to meet all of you. Dr. Paul look for me next year and take care of yourself. You are extraordinary!

Name:  Linda Slattery
Username:  Anonymous
Date:  2003-07-18 09:38:26
Message Id:  6028
I was really struck by how much of our "being" is unconscious. I'm starting to get how little the "I function" is in relation to all that goes on in our minds and bodies. The examples of ambiguous figures and discussion made me understand that the nervous system has a mind of its own (or two or three).

I was also surprised to hear that talk therapy doesn't work because the I function doesn't have the will or power to communicate with the unconscious. Perhaps that is why hypnosis may be more effective, in some of these cases. My interest in hypnosis has been re-energized as a result of our discussions. I am inferring that hypnosis is the mechanism to get the unconcious mind to communicate with the conscious mind. It takes a master practioner to do that. I have seen video clips of that kind of work. I wish I could go back to school full time and really spend a lot of time on learning about what interests me ! I want to return next year!!!

Name:  Keith
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  7/18/03
Date:  2003-07-18 09:40:09
Message Id:  6029
I tend to think a lot about my preception of reality more now than before. It is interesting to me how the unconscious mind has more to do with who we are than I had originally thoght. I am even more interested now about that aspect as it relates to disorders and disabilities.

In that respect I find that my views on disorders has changed quite a bit as well. I am going to make a less wrong effort to understand the reasons behind the behaviors of students as well as other people in society as a result of this institute.

Thanks Paul. Everyone enjoy the rest of your summer and good luck in September!!! Just remember when your students have you feeling as though you might jump out of a window, it is only a story that your unconscious is telling you.

Name:  Julie
Subject:  Thinking differently
Date:  2003-07-18 09:42:37
Message Id:  6030
I'm thinking about the Far Side cartoon in which a student raises his hand and says, "Teacher, may I be excused? My brain is full."

MY brain is definitely full. I realize how much we have learned about the brain and how much more we need to learn. Science doesn't have many of the answers but it continually poses questions- a never ending cycle.

I've been thinking a lot about the connection between neurology and psychology and perception and truth.

Name:  John Dalton
Subject:  difference
Date:  2003-07-18 09:43:55
Message Id:  6031
It's always interesting to consider whether learning really creates a difference in "seeing" and "responding to" the world. The Summer Brain Institute clearly has that potential. This is my second time taking this course, and I know that it has really transformed my thinking about the way in which organisms construct their own reality. Some years ago, I learned that the "polysemic" quality language undermines the notion that there is one meaning that emerges. Because words have such infinite connotations and denotations, all communication is inherently problematic. Interpretation is inexact to say the least, and truth is ever vanishing in the multitude of perspectives that emerge. This strongly correlates with the sense in which all of our sense perceptions have individually determined inexactitude because our own constructions from the imput are so potentially variable. This too exacerbates epistemological uncertainty. It highlights solipsism and the sense in which both knoweldge, truth, and communication are ever fleeting.
Name:  Nia Turner
Subject:  Reflection
Date:  2003-07-18 09:44:17
Message Id:  6032
Good Morning Teachers,
I would like to thank each of you for your contributions to the Brain and Behavior Institute. The experiences you shared about teaching have inspired me to continue mentoring youth. I appreciate your commitment to teaching. Teachers like you have helped me to get to the place I am today. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your summer !

"Your heart is your first teacher"
-Sonia Sanchez

Name:  lois
Subject:  Thanks! For The Summer Institute
Date:  2003-07-18 09:44:32
Message Id:  6033
I don't find myself strange in my way of thinking. I now some answers, as well as understanding for some present and previous experience.
Had more thoughts, gotten started too late.
Name:  Mo
Username:  Anonymous
Date:  2003-07-18 09:46:01
Message Id:  6034
One thing I would like to explore more is the fact that I have two minds. Although the unconcious is in control of the concious 99% of the time I'm still here. I would like to know how to think conciously without actually thinking about it. I could really do some damage then.

Even though the class is over today I'll be thinking about brain and behavior throughout the year. This course is always dynamite!

Can you teach power point next year Paul? Have a nice weekend. See you on Monday.

Name:  Miss Geneva E. Tolliferreo, M.
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  Seeing Red...
Date:  2003-07-18 10:00:30
Message Id:  6035
Good Morning!
It is difficult to accept that my red coach bag is not red. My money was truly green when I bought it! I feel more for folks with 'a little red corvette'. Is this why yellow makes us mellow? Yellow doesnot exist, therefore, the feelings have when preceiving it are a limbo described as mellow? Will I ever understand the Sun is white, when I have always associated heat with yellow, orange, and red which is indicative of the Sun...heat...

I completely understand the science of rainbows, however I accept it as God's promise that the earth will not again suffer the likes of the flood that set Noah's Ark afloat.

In teaching the science implications of life, it is essential for learners to receive spiritual reasons of the creation and purpose of life.

*Enjoy a refreshing Summer. I've enjoyed sharing with this group. Many thanks for the kindness all of you extended to Pastor Abrams for Guyana, South America. She, too, found this institute challenging her thinking.* Again, many thanks to Dr. Grobstein for extending these institutes to administrators. The adult conversations have been great professionally and 'fresh air' personally.

Name:  Pam
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  final reflecions
Date:  2003-07-18 10:19:00
Message Id:  6036
One of the most remarkable concepts that I learned was that the brain is never working alone. Thus, mental illness/disorders effect the entire body and behavior. This knowledge will allow for future sensitivity for the learner. Also, as I wrote in the daily forum sometimes performance anxiety surfaced and I can relate to what learners must feel not to be wrong. This institute should be offered throughout the year to educators.
Excellent two week session! I hope to see everyone next year.

Thank you,
Paul and B&B institute

Name:  Sheila Michael
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  It has been a pleasure. . .
Date:  2003-07-18 11:04:38
Message Id:  6037
Paul, Thank you . . .I have enjoyed the B&B Institute so much. I will look at the behavior and emotions of ALL students also the functioning of the brain in a very different context. I have learned so much in terms of the brain, "I" function, influences on behavior and the brain's control as a core center. I can substantiate--the multiple computers in the brain directing activity and behavior.Thanks!

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