1. damage in cognitive behavior especially associated with the frontal lobes of the brain such as 'slowed processing of information, difficulty in learning new material, deficits in abstraction and problem solving, and reduced visuospatial abilities.'
  2. a.Amino Acids-inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA b.Catechol Amines-Dopamine
  3. a.AA-Twelve Steps Program B.medication c.therapy
  4. yes
  5. smaller;have increased number of brain tissue loss than the comparable non-alcoholic therefore slower in cognitive abilities
  6. a.chronic consumption of alcohol causes changes in the brain that results in a dependence on alcohol b.some individuals have abnormalities in their brains that result in a greater tendency to become addicted to alcohol
  7. a.Type I-common in both males and females rarely engage in violent acts-incapable of stopping themselves from drinking b.Type II more men, often violent, capable of abstaining from alcohol but incapable of controlling the amount they drink once they start
  8. c
  9. True
  10. True