Cultural Implications of Brain and Behavior

Aliya Bradley and Hope M. Glover

Does Brain Size Matter?

The Brain and Culture Activity
Race, Evolution and Behavior
Race and Sports
Same Race Face Sparks Brain Activty

The Tribal Mind

Anantomy of the Brain

History and Definition of Homo Sapiens

History of the Brain

Where is the birthplace of human existence? In the realm of the brain and its development, how important is it? Skeletal remains may pinpoint a location, but ability not region defines us as a species. Whether the first remains are from Africa or Europe, the underlying factors that put us all in the same category are universal. What defines us, as Homo sapiens are abilities such as language, abstract thinking and consciousness which are shared across all ethnic and culturally lines.
There are numerous web sites and studies that pinpoint the degree at which certain sectors of the human population perform these functions, but by in large, we all perform (to some degree) similarily. As investigators and others debate on the significance of genetics, the human brain is based on the same materials and neurons across the board.

Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve, and other scientist who have written about this controversal subject have had their work closely scrutinized and in most cases allegations of subjectivity, racism and poor scientific research techniques have been found.

New research indicates those cultural differences, (if any ) no matter how minute such as intelligence and motor development may be linked to hormonal disruptions in the womb.