SUMMER, 2002



1. By September 1, please complete and mail, email, or fax the Course Evaluation and Questionnaire. We would like as much feedback as you can provide on your feelings about your experiences with the Institutes, both what the do well and what they might do better. If you have things to say beyond the answers to the questions asked, please feel free to use the back of the page and/or add pages. If you have any additional thoughts over the next few weeks, please write, phone, or email.

2. By September 1, please prepare and mail or emaila curriculum development proposal. This should describe some aspect of your experiences with the Institute which suggests a way to improve pre-college education, and the particular changes which you want to try out in your own classroom. It should include as well a budget indicating how you will spend $300 to bring about those changes. The proposal should be typed, and no more than three or four pages long. Checks will be mailed for receipt by October 1.

3. By June 1, please prepare and mail or email a report on the outcome of your curriculum development activities. The report should be typed, thoughtful (including both successes and failures), no more than three or four pages long, and provide a synopsis of what you actually did and how that in turn suggests additional things for yourself and other teachers in a form suitable for posting on Serendip.

4. Please continue thinking about what we did during the ten days of the Institute, and what we might continue to do together to bring about desireable changes in pre-college education. I and other faculty of the Institute would like to continue to work with you in any ways that you think would be helpful. Among your thoughts, please keep in mind Serendip, the kinds of resources and conversations it would be helpful to you and others to have there, and contributions that you (and your students) might be able to make to that. Insitute materials will remain available to you (and others) at .


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