Forum 8- Half-way through, including psychopharmacology ... what do we think?

Name:  Aliya
Subject:  Summation
Date:  2002-07-15 09:31:28
Message Id:  2219
What this class has done for me is made me more aware. This is across the board - I have seen and read many articles since last week on "the brain" and words like nuerons and synaps (sp) are no longer AS foreign. I also now feel I have many more questions than answers in concerns to the brain so that I would assume is a move in the right direction as well.

I am definetly feeling less wrong about many things and i love computer technolgy and the reading of html is great. I have gone on web pages and actually looked to see the "tags" and would maybe enjoy an entire class on it.

I was told that it will take me two or three times for this information to really sink in - so I guess I have at least one more go around - I am learning, but the I function does not understand it all -



Name:  Shellie and Dawn
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  Thoughts from us
Date:  2002-07-15 09:36:38
Message Id:  2220
Shellie found Thomas's talk on pharmacology very interesting and exciting. He started her brain thinking about "questions, questions,. . .and more questions". It was interesting to learn about the neurotransmitters and recognize many of them from our every day life. Another thing that came up this weekend was that my husband found out that he was very low in potassium which made her think of the uses of K in the our daily brain function.

I found Thomas's talk intriguing. To learn that an addict could be stimulated simply by looking at a picture of the corner they bought their stuff on explained greatly why I have family members that no matter how many times they dry-out they still keep going back to get their fix--no matter the consequences. The workings of the brain can leave a person thinking.

Name:  Brian & Joan Malin
Subject:  Psychopharmocology
Date:  2002-07-15 09:38:04
Message Id:  2221
Earl Thomas' lecture was great! Very informative and fun. He was approachable about maintaining a science connection with our group when we return to our classrooms. He also mentioned the Society for Neuroscience - a program my students and I attended several times in the past. I hope to find out more information about this organization for future interaction with my students.
Name:  Hope M. Glover
Username:  hg7151
Subject:  Comments of a past nicotine addict
Date:  2002-07-15 09:41:34
Message Id:  2222
I thought about Dr. Thomas's comments on the last portion of his discussion Thursday involving work being done by a Bryn Marw graduate. Her work involves taking pictures of the brain as ex addicts are shown movies of drug buys and drug use. The pictures show activity in the portion of the brain that stimulates pleasure? I was watching a movie inwhich the main character continued to chain smoke throughout the movie. I started to think about smoking and really wanted a cigarette. Last night I had a dream about smoking and experience the same type of dry mouth when I woke up that I use to have when smoking. I can believe that I experience some type of stimulation and memory that occured because of the movies because I don't hang out with smokers now. As a matter of course I usually think about smoking when I am stressed but I ignore the urge.

Final thought for Dr. Thomas...can we extract those chemicals within the human sytem that seem to help with surpression of drug addiction as oppose to creating drugs that have tremendous side effects. Or can we find natural non addictive remedies like acupucture to fight drug addition and mental anxiety or depression.

Name:  Michael/RaMona
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  Weekend
Date:  2002-07-15 09:45:19
Message Id:  2223
One thing we were wondering about this weekend was how does asprin\tylenol affect the "I Function." Another thing is how can the brain play tricks on you? It seems as if the brain is very complicated. The nervous system is overworked. I try to please my brain as often as possible. This weekend I entered the Serindip website at home in hopes of doing some html work. I worked for about an hour but, didn't get anything done. I believe that my brain felt nothing but pure pleasure this weekend. Cookouts, television, shopping, eating, etc. always makes one happy.
Name:  Lois Mackey/Cynthia Brown
Subject:  Thoughts From The Weekend
Date:  2002-07-15 09:45:21
Message Id:  2224
I share with my mother and others, the things that I had learned in class about the brain and behavoir. I was very impress with Dr. Thomas presentation on addictions and the effect and consequences addictions has on the brain.It had callaborated with the testimony of addicted persons experiences with the drugs.
Absorbing the multitude of information was mind consuming. I found the information on neurotransmitters to be most interesting. I am torn between learning how to utilize the information presented in a practical situation vs. personal situations.
Name:  Hope Glover
Username:  hg7151
Subject:  Human evolution, language and mythology
Date:  2002-07-15 09:46:54
Message Id:  2225
Just a thought: Most cultures have mythology that talks about man's ability to talk to animals. In the Bible, Eve was tempted by the serpent and caused man to be kicked out of the Garden of Eden. In Africa the turtle, monkey and snake have always been given the ability to speak. How about the evolution of man casuing him to lose the ability to talk to animals because they were first viewed as brothers but now they are viewed as prey.

Dolphins seem to become pretty frustrated when their trainers don't seem to understand their series of clicks and screams "dolphin talk"

Name:  Charles
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  this weekend
Date:  2002-07-15 09:51:42
Message Id:  2226
The past week/weekend has cause me to consider the whole premise of "being less wrong" I can understand this model in that it allows students to be more free to explore various options. However, this type of exploration does not neccessarily exclude the eventuallity of truth, even including the traditional scientific method.
Name:  Dana, Sharon, Tunde, Gerry
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  Brainscanning
Date:  2002-07-15 09:55:10
Message Id:  2227
Through continious research there is so much to learn about the brain in every day life. The overall function of the brain and the central nervous system involves many things. Everything is in constant motion. We learned about the organization of the central nervous system as a combination of many smaller systems. We learned about neurons, dendrites and axons. We then went further and learned about transmitters, receptors, action potential and synaptic. Most interestingly was the "I" function and the implications on student behavior in the classroom. Also how the "I" function relates to thinking about what you have learned and how the unconscious relates to the right brain. Then we learned about neuropharmacology through following the addiction and recovery processes of drug addicts. We learned how addiction affects the behavioral pattern of compulsive drug use.

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