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Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  Thoughts/comments from session one
Date:  2002-07-08 15:41:21
Message Id:  2178
There were many things that interested me during the first session of brain and behavior. I was enlighted with the new way to look at science. I never thought of myself as a scientist. Also the thought of being wrong is right--so different from what I have been taught.

The different approaches to the brain were interesting--especially the final approach.

Some questions and thoughts: What does the brain of a teenager look like? What do we know about this that can help us with relating to teenagers?

What about anxious, stressed out brains--What can we do to halp change the brains of thsese people?

Depression and the brain- tell me more about this.

Alcohol, addiction --what about those brains and behavior?

I guess you can tell I am intersted in the field of psychology and the brain--my job is a counselor.

Don't forget memory--what can we do to improve it?

Name:  Dawn
Subject:  Interesting?
Date:  2002-07-08 15:42:14
Message Id:  2179
There are many interesting things that we have covered today. I find it intriguing that Dickerson could write such a poem about the brain at a time way before serious brain study. Though her poem was allegoric in nature it sounds as if she had stumbled upon some facts. I wonder if she realized what she knew? The most interesting part was this afternoon's discussion about the actual structure of the brain and how it works. The autonomy model creates new questions that will probably never be answered scientifically. Learning about the complexity, yet simplicity, of the brain and how it effects us will keep me in constant possible outputs. I guess my brain will be changing for quite some time, while I process this new information.
Name:  Brian & Joan Malin
Subject:  Brain interest
Date:  2002-07-08 15:42:21
Message Id:  2180
1.) How does brain change typical as we age?

2.) How does brain change when we learn?

3.) How does brain alter when visual vs. auditory learning occurs?

4.) How does number of modes of stimuli affect learning/brain shape?

5.) Can brain become Normal again in shape/function after exposure to -drugs
-sleep deprivation

6.) As we age,does long term exposure to medications negatively affect
the brain? If yes, how?

Name:  Bob Farber
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  first day questions
Date:  2002-07-08 15:43:48
Message Id:  2181
I would like to explore 1]structure vs function
2] Nature vs nurture
3] effect of chemical environment
4] development, maturaturation, aging
Name:  sam howell
Subject:  Interest
Date:  2002-07-08 15:45:12
Message Id:  2182
What I found most interesting was the "game of life". I figured that a stable state would be achieved. However, I would like to explore more deeply the factors that lead to everyone "dying".
Name:  Cynthia A. Brown & Lois Mackey
Subject:  Summary of Day One
Date:  2002-07-08 15:52:50
Message Id:  2183
We learned about exploring the various ways of looking at science:
.Learning the wrong way or answer, leads you to reassess the answers you thought were correct, wrong is a positive value of science.
.Out of random order led to stable order and repeated patterns.
We are interested in exploring:
.Does race, gender, environment affect the patterns of the brain, the size of the brain, the behavior of the brain both positive and negative?
.Are "late bloomers" a result of brain maturity?
.How does Gardners Theory of Multiple Intelligence correlate to the brain?
.What is the significance of the left side and right side of the brain
to human behavior?
Name:  Ray Lucci
Subject:  Ray's Brain about brains
Date:  2002-07-08 15:53:28
Message Id:  2184
1.) As I wander through the maze of the Cerebrum, I can't help but wonder how these tangles of neurons and synapses result in behaviors and emotions as complex as ours. My interest is in understanding the relationship between brain structure and behavior.

2.) I am not certain that I can learn more about myself from the internet. I prefer the company of books and interactions with real people and relationships.

3.) Given the postulation that learning and behavior physically change the brain, how can we then distinguish in morphological observations that which is genetically predetermined from that which is environmentally influenced?

Name:  Gerry B. Dana Jenkins
Subject:  processing
Date:  2002-07-08 15:57:00
Message Id:  2185
What was most interesting to me was the concept that the brain physically changes with the mere input of information. What I want to know is "Is there such a phenonmenon as the brain getting tired? Oftentimes, I feel like my brain is tired. Does this happen to children? If so what is a good strategy to combat this "condition". Dana

What was most fascinating to me was the fact that the more your brain stores, the more your brain is apt to change. The concept of the LOOPING CONCEPTION OF SCIENCE MAKES MORE SENSE THAN THE LINEAR SEQUENCE BECAUSE THERE IS REALLY NO WHERE TO GO WITH LINEAR, LOOPING HAS NO END.How does one brain of someONE else learn faster than another brain? I would like to know what causes chemical imbalances in the brain? Is it hereditary?

Name:  charles foster
Date:  2002-07-08 15:59:03
Message Id:  2186
The life game was very interesting. However, does it not violate the second law of thermodynamics. Things don't go from disorder to order do they? Also, it assumes that there is no architech or planner but would you not need an architect originate the life in the first place.

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