Forum 12- What single observation or idea/story (summary of observations) from this summer's institute do you think will have most impact on your future teaching?

Name:  SAhellie
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  one thought
Date:  2002-07-19 11:52:14
Message Id:  2257
I sill look at my life experiences as getting things "less wrong". This has been such a freeing concept. I hope to bring this to my students, teachers, and parents that I work with. Thanks for everything......
Name:  Hope M. Glover
Subject:  Impact on my future teaching
Date:  2002-07-19 11:53:59
Message Id:  2258
I will take back with me to my classroom a greater motivation to have more hands on activities. This will allow the students to use the boxed underneath with less use of the "I function" initially. I hope others will follow suite.
Name:  Dawn
Subject:  Forum Sum Up
Date:  2002-07-19 11:56:55
Message Id:  2259
I guess my single thought that I will take with me is the need for teaching to be consistently diversified because the brain is ever changing the stories.
Name:  Cynthia A. Brown
Subject:  Most important concept
Date:  2002-07-19 11:58:54
Message Id:  2260
The idea that there may be no right or wrong answer. That as a seeker I will strive to get things "less wrong". As a teacher, and a parent, I will value everyones independent spirit and work to develop more activities that help young people become aware of the I-function awarenesses and inputs from other areas that make up their distinct personalities.
Name:  RaMona Adams and Mike Boyd
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  Observation
Date:  2002-07-19 12:00:40
Message Id:  2261
The Single observation from this summer's institute that will have the most impact on my future teaching is getting it less wrong. Children are made to believe that they must have the correct answer.

This institute has been a wonderful exprience. I have learned many things about the brain and how it works. I think that learning about the "I Function" was both a revelation and a new experience. Learning that the "I Function" works separately from the the unconscious gives me a better understanding in teaching. This will be very helpful in preparing lesson to teach those who come to me

Name:  Ray Lucci
Date:  2002-07-19 12:00:52
Message Id:  2262
Reflecting back on this summer's institute, I must say that I was most intrigued by the unconscious's ability to perpetually learn and consequently influence the conscious. For somw time, I have been aware of the idea that often times, our students, being products of their experiences are projecting their parent's unconscious and if they are not aware of this, they continue to mirror and repeat their parent's mistakes. I hope to influence a change in this behavior by both my teaching methodologies and my helping the students to model their behavior on mine. The task falls to me to be more in tune with my unconscious mind and to know what is real and what is perceived.
Name:  Lois Mackey
Subject:  Education Is An Exploration Explora ble
Date:  2002-07-19 12:01:13
Message Id:  2263
That I as an educator should always see our students as unique and valuable individuals. I am equipe as a educator to help them to tap into and use their unconscienous and conscienous " I - function " resources.The brain is a remarkable piece of equipement.Yes! educators are explorers.
Name:  Gerry and Dand
Username:  Anonymous
Date:  2002-07-19 12:02:25
Message Id:  2264
Self is the blend of Environment and I- Function. A time will always kick in where their is absence of the I-Function.

The two most profound concepts for me were that perception is a summary of our visual experiences that take us to an initial hypothesis. We must then experiment to test our hypothesis and disprove or validate what we see. This concept does not make me happy as I tend not to be consciously detail oriented as it is. This on top of not really seeing what i initially see causes some concerns for me. The second is the concept of striving to be less wrong. I also learned a lot about the power of the unconscious, boy is it powereful!

Name:  Brian & Joan Malin
Subject:  summary of observations
Date:  2002-07-19 12:02:51
Message Id:  2265
Through this summer institute we have learned a presentional style that would help our students learn -whatever the subject matter- in a better way. The process included introducing a topic, giving the students a bunch of experiencal opportunities, and then summarizing what they think and feel. Basically, the students are involved in a process of internal learning and not just memorization. Deepest thanks.
Name:  Sharon Lee
Username:  Anonymous
Date:  2002-07-19 12:06:39
Message Id:  2266
The institute has been exceedinly rewarding in all aspects. The relationship between the I function and the unconscious has truly been fascinating. sh
Name:  sam and charles
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  observation
Date:  2002-07-19 12:07:36
Message Id:  2267
science as circular method of reasoning as opposed to linear thought...more to come
Name:  Bob Farber
Subject:  Reflections bbi02
Date:  2002-07-19 12:08:42
Message Id:  2268
We can never get it "right"! We can only get it less wrong! With continous loops we get it less wrong. We never stop learning. If we think that we have it right, it may inhibit the rate of learning.

This has tremendous meaning for life and how we approach education.

Name:  Aliya Bradley
Subject:  Main Point
Date:  2002-07-19 12:37:24
Message Id:  2269
Until i took this class for the second time I really didn't realize the extent that the c;ass has affected my tecahing stle. I have understood and comprehended many things that I will build upon for this upcoming school year.

The major theme of this class that I will take with me is that reality is based on many factors that have nothing to do with anything dependant of that individual. Teaching assumes in many cases that I will give the "perfect" enviornment and learning will instantly take place. This does not take into account the situations that affect that child, the stimuli and inhibitions that the student may have and a host of things that make that person who he/she.

As I begin to charge my battery for yet another exciting year filled with new faces and places - I will try to keep all the things I learned in this class.

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