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Name:  Aliya
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  I declare War
Date:  2002-07-18 12:58:32
Message Id:  2248
It seems that life itself is composed of many layers of understanding. Our nervous system has to be composed of various levels as well. What is interesting (in keeping with the I function theory) is that there are so many layers that we still cannot tap into. The I function is able to control the body in many ways by tapping into those layers that lay dormant to the conscious of most of us. This is how those who trains themselves to walk on those hot coals or to not give in under inhumane circumstances master these tasks.

What we are used to doing is responding with our I fuction to the rest of our body's signals and dealing with the issues at hand with whatever urgency out i fucntion thinks is needed. I had a pain ( those under boxes) that has been bothering me for a long time and I've tried otc ( i function trying to fix it), but somehow I couldn't chnage it so I am here at the doctor's looking for something stronger to override this feeling.

Now I don't if that made any sense to you, but it helped many lightbulbs click on in my head. I used to think our body was just one big harmonious insinct machine, buit I do beleive that there are things that have power that are trying to overthrow other powerful bodies all the time. We have inhibitions that fight constant urges, weight scales that are willing to put more on than our i fuction approves of - so the war goes on.

What we are trying to do on a self aware level is fight for more control than our bodies are willing to yeild to us and so the battle continues.

Name:  Gerry, Dana
Date:  2002-07-18 13:04:11
Message Id:  2249
The Motor Cortex in the brain is very powerful. It inhibits other parts of the brain. It is Topographically organized in different areas . Pharmcological Dependence, Semi-Autonomy, and Pathology all play an important role in the brain and in the Nervous System. A large percentage of people experience REM, and Paradoxial changes which effect the overall state of the nervous system. Dr. Kim Cassidy had some very interesting ideas about the NON-Verbal learning Disabilities, which made me think about me, and where I fit in.
Name:  Cynthia A. Brown
Subject:  Variations in learning styles.
Date:  2002-07-18 13:11:34
Message Id:  2250
A most informative session. Paychological tests that are used to detect non-verbal disabilities gave a good insight to some problems we meet with our students.
Name:  Cynthia A. Brown
Subject:  Rationality and the I function
Date:  2002-07-18 13:15:29
Message Id:  2251
A great deal of this information was like a stretch of the imagination. I especially liked the section where the eye would perceive one thing and then later perceive something else. Children would especially enjoy this type of presentation and it would be a good journal starter for creative writing.
Name:  brian & joan malin
Subject:  nonverbal behavior problems
Date:  2002-07-18 13:38:44
Message Id:  2252
I was surprised to see the tremendous variation in responses from the teachers who participated in the copying activites in Kim Cassidy's afternoon session.It helped me to comprehend the diverse responses my students give to activities in the classroom.It also helped me to understand and look for nonverbal indicators of diffulties in my students responses. Further it inspires me to develop novel ways to help my students compensate for such difficulties.
Name:  Mona
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  Ambiguity
Date:  2002-07-18 13:45:52
Message Id:  2253
What we see is always uncertain is a shocking statement for me!! I have always believed that what you see is mostly truth. This is not true if two people can look at the same picture and see two different things. It is amazing to know that the nervous system does the best job possible to interpret what we see. Blind sight reminds me of my driving experience. While changing lanes I often check the middle rear view mirror leaving a blind spot on the right side. I won't switch lanes until I check the mirrors again. Even though I don't see any cars I have a certain feeling when one is approaching my blind spot and I will not change lanes. This feeling is usually correct which saves me from having a car accident. More men need intrinsic variability. They sometimes have problems doing things randomly.
Name:  Shellie
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  Kim
Date:  2002-07-18 13:50:26
Message Id:  2254
Yesterday's session with Kim was quite helpful. She was very knowledgeable on non-verbal learning disabilities. She really opened my eyes to some children that had problems in my school this year. She had a different view that was helpful to me. I can't wait to explore the possibility that these students may have n a non-verbal learning disability. They don't fit into the picture of LD to me--now they do. They had problems and we did not have any answers.

I would really like to hear from Kim again. I am sure she has a lot more to share with us. Maybe we could have another session this fall.

Today was great--so much information on such intersting topics. How about a workshop on brain & emotion--addiction, drugs, mental health, learning styles. There is sooo much more information I am sure you have to share with us. I feel like the doors were just opened.

I was pleased to learn the importance of dreaming and day dreaming--I am going to use them more.

Name:  charles & sam
Username:  Anonymous
Subject:  nonverbal learning
Date:  2002-07-18 14:42:40
Message Id:  2255
Kim Cassidy's presentation on nonverbal learning disabilitities was very interesting. We all demonstrated a vast amount of variation when we were completing the coying projects. Some of the discussion by the teachers indicatedhow concerned and even frustrated many of us are as teachers trying to understand the overwhelming amount of students we all have.
Name:  Hope M. Glover
Subject:  Nonverbal Learning Disablities
Date:  2002-07-19 09:46:35
Message Id:  2256
Students who exhibit learning disablities really have a hard time in the Phila School District now. When the District instituted inclusion, many teachers were alarmed. We were not prepared to work with these students. Nor were we given any special training to work with these students. Consequently all students suffered to some degree. Classroom management and increased classroom disruptions seem to have increased.

How can we make it a matter of course, that all students be tested for these disorders because many urban African American males have difficulty reading and then how can we create classrooms where all types of learners are educated?

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