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Name:  Paul Grobstein
Subject:  Welcome Colleagues
Date:  2002-07-07 21:10:43
Message Id:  2141
Glad you're here. Think of this as a place for more conversation, not a place for "formal" writing. The idea is to "think out loud" so others can learn from your thoughts in progress, and you from theirs. This is also a place where our conversations can be useful to people beyond the institute. I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say, and learning from all of it. Hope you are too.
Name:  RaMona Adams
Date:  2002-07-08 10:17:29
Message Id:  2142
My name is RaMona Adams. I am an educator at the Turner Middle School in West Philadelphia. I'm pretty excited about taking the course Brain and Behavior 2002. What I hope to learn is how to better deal with the brain I have which will enable me to deal with the children better. At times my brain wanders helplessly. I forget all things that do not go into my long term memory. I'm in desperate need of help with understanding the brain. I am clueless. Maybe we can determine what makes the students we teach so rude!
Name:  Babatunde Oronti
Subject:  Human/Animal brains
Date:  2002-07-08 10:19:44
Message Id:  2143
My name is Babatunde Oronti. Presently I teach at Olney High School and I'm still going be there next school year. The main thing I'd like to get a better insight into is why there's so much gap between the behavior of mankind compared to animals despite the fact that physically speaking the features of our brain are similar. Take for example the brains of the gorilla and chimpanzee family.
Name:  Dawn Mackey
Subject:  Introduction
Date:  2002-07-08 10:21:08
Message Id:  2144
I am an elementary level teacher at Franklin Academic Plus Elementary. I have been teaching for five years- 1 year of private, 2 years of charter, and this will be my third year of public. One thing I have learned is that kids are kids no matter the school environment- parental involvement changes. I have no children of my own and am not married, though I am 31 years old. My students are my children, as well as my niece and nephews. I am fascinated by how people act in varying situations and am very reflesive about my own personality traits, so much so that I minored in Psychology. I am interested to see how this course shapes my personal thinking and my teaching capabilities.
Name:  Cynthia A. Brown
Username: us
Subject:  information retrival
Date:  2002-07-08 10:21:38
Message Id:  2145
What happens when the brain does not process information properly?
How does the information retrival process work and does this affect non-agressive behavior?

I hope to learn something to aid children who experience difficulty
keeping up with the main stream classroom. Techniques to implement and to explore the brain with the hopes of improving retention and retrival skills.

Name:  Sam Howell
Subject:  Changing School Environment
Date:  2002-07-08 10:21:55
Message Id:  2146
I have been an elementary science teacher for the last five years. The institute interested me as a teacher in a school with an alarming rate of growth in the amount of students labeled "special education." The amount of medication given to students in my school has also increased massively. Therefore, this workshop appealed to me.
Name:  Brian Malin
Subject:  Hi, it's ME!
Date:  2002-07-08 10:23:25
Message Id:  2147
I'm a teacher at Northeast High School for 13 years in the area of Special education. I hope to get an increased knowledge about the brain and how it affects behavior. I hope this will help me to better understand my students.
Name:  Dana Jenkins
Subject:  Life-long learner - That's me!
Date:  2002-07-08 10:23:58
Message Id:  2148
Hi, my name is Dana Jenkins. I am an educator of middle school students, presently at Ada Lewis Middle School. I am a graduate of Drexel University, Cheyney University and the NBPTS. I am also an educator of two wonderderful teenagers of my own and on occassion serve as preceptor for graduate students in the education and social sciences field. On the other hand, I'm also a preacher's wife and am active with the Christian education programs of our church. I was immediately interested in this institute merely by virtue of its name "Brain & Behavior", how could this not peak one's interest?
Name:  Hope M. Glover
Subject:  Intro to myself
Date:  2002-07-08 10:25:04
Message Id:  2149
Hope M. Glover - I am a traveler. Hoping to do missionary work when I retire. I enjoy experiencing new people, different cultures and climates. However my appreciation for the United States is increased and I always remind myself about how blessed I am to live in a country that has afforded me so many opportunities. I have a Masters degree in Educational Administration. Which I plan to make use of in the near future. I am a proud single parent of a beautiful, bright and sophisticated college junior.

I enjoy teaching and am dedicated to urban youth. I teach because of a african american female science teacher that inspired me. Hopefully I have kindled a thrist for knowledge in the students that I have taught.

I also enjoy reading, currently reading the Emperor of Ocean Park a mystery. I love art and have a small studio home inwhich I sometimes get the courage to create a painting or scultpture.

I also need to be menatlly stimulated and search for new and complex subjects to explore. Hence my return to Brain and Behavior. What's new Paul?

Name:  Shellie Herdan
Subject:  Intorduction to Self
Date:  2002-07-08 10:26:08
Message Id:  2150
Shellie Herdan- I'm a school counselor at Baldi Middle School, a wife, a parent and a teacher. I am very interested in the brain and what makes it tick. I work with students, parents, and teachers everyday and need to know more about the brain and behavior. I'm especially intersted in stress, drugs, alcohol, anxiety and the brain. I also need to get more comfortable with the internet.
Name:  Bob Farber
Subject:  Getting to know each other
Date:  2002-07-08 10:27:23
Message Id:  2151
Bob Farber. I am a science teacher with teaching experience in the worst 2 schools and the best 2 schools in the area. I have a very broad science background but my area of interest is genetics. The workings of the brain is a mystery to me. I know that our understanding of the brain is advancing rapidly and I need to become more current in this area. This is the primary reason that I have enrolled in this course. The other reason is that I want to develop more labs for my anatomy & physiology course.
Name:  Lois Mackey
Subject:  Getting Information
Date:  2002-07-08 10:29:54
Message Id:  2152
I am a elementary educator whose objective is to learn about the brain and its function as it relate to the behavior in general, and how it affect the learning process academically for students. Also, how could I integrate this into any classroom subject other than science that would motivate students interest in the topic.
Name:  Ray Lucci
Subject:  Know Thyself
Date:  2002-07-08 10:32:10
Message Id:  2153
Presently, I teach biology and anatomy in high school and this year I learned that I am an old head. I am in awe of both the complexity of structure and manifold dimensions of the entire human nersous system. Basically I seek an answer to the following question: Is the mind a product of the organic processes of the brain or is it an independent entity whose presence is manifested and facilitated by the brain?
Name:  Joan Johnston-Malin
Subject:  Hi, it's Mrs. Me
Date:  2002-07-08 10:33:04
Message Id:  2154
I'm a Biology teacher at Northeast High School's Magnet Program. I hope this program will sharpen my computer/interneting skills as well as
my knowledge-base in the areas of the brain/behavior/learning/interacting/etc. My expectations are that this will be an enjoyable journey into the semi-unknown.
Name:  Sharon Lee
Subject:  Inquiry Based Learning
Date:  2002-07-08 10:33:39
Message Id:  2155
My name is Sharon Lee. I am an educator that uses science as a vehicle to teach. It's my understanding that inquiry based learning is imperative when utlizing cooperative learning. I am exceedingly interested in how the brain functions and how it affects behaviors.
Name:  Charles Foster
Subject:  Learning more
Date:  2002-07-08 10:33:55
Message Id:  2156
I have been a science prep teacher, grades 3-5, for the past five years. I also have been assigned to instruct autistic and a variety of "special ed" students. The function of the brain has always facinated me and I'm hoping to incorporate any new uderstanding into my teaching.
Name:  Aliya Catanch-Bradley
Subject:  Life Cycles
Date:  2002-07-08 10:33:57
Message Id:  2157

This session proves to be a reunion of a different kind. I have no wedding to plan in between breaks so this time I have the sole determination to learn as much as I can. The first go round with PG was a bit disturbing:
He told me that the brain cannot be "fixed" once something goes wrong that is it! Tapestry: So many fibers that are interwoven so intricate like that it will never be that way again....

I have met a "Brain" - Paul Grobstein, a rocket scientist and you mean to tell me all the knowledge these folks have they can't FIX IT????

Well - enough of the drama: I am a new teacher - four years of service and looking forward to many more. I currently teach ELA and Social Studies. I am dedicated to teaching children so that I may better understand my own : three little brats ( the twin towers may ahve fallen, but the three terrors lives on (smile) -

I look forward to freezing in the air because it is hot outside and learning as much as I can - no more bad news! Hey Hope ( the one that introduced me to this session two years ago) it will be fun hanging out with the one that put me on. Let's see what web mastery we can put together!

Name:  michael Boyd
Date:  2002-07-08 10:37:23
Message Id:  2158
My name is Michael Boyd and I teach at FitzSimons Middle School in North Philadelphia. I am very excited to be here at the Institue at Bryn Mawr College. This year I will be learning about the behavior of the brain. I believe the brain is a wonderful creation and should be used to its maximum capacity. According to research, we use only a very small portion of our brains. However, I do not understand its function and would like to do, so that I could help those students that I teach. I am looking forward to learn all that I can.
Name:  Geraldine Brown
Subject:  "A mind is a terrible thing to waste"
Date:  2002-07-08 10:37:44
Message Id:  2159
Hi! My name is Geraldine Brown affectionately known as Gerry. I have been with the Phila. Public School system since 1970 working as a Noon-Time aide. I have worked my way up to a Teacher over the years, which I am proud of.I also Teach a one credit course Seminar at Drexel University to undergraduates pursuing a degree in Education. I love Teaching because you are always challenged with new things. To TEACH IS TO LEARN TWICE!!We are all gifted with various multiple intelligences and Learning Styles. The world is Science to me. The brain is all about patterning. Once you put the peices of what is being learned is put into place you are off and running! The brain becomes haphazard.I expect to share with my colleagues here at the Institute, so that we can learn from each other.

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