Gladys Regina

Hi, my name is Gladys M. Baskerville, a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher in the School District of Philidelphia. Regina and I , as authors of this web site, shared a common concern for the value of human life from conception. From the very beginnings of human development, the various body systems are very intricate and amazing to study. The study of their functions will never cease; as we studied the Nervous System, brain and behavior, we discovered that scientific research is a matter of getting things less wrong. I pray that the information provided on this web page will encourage parents, teachers, and all caregivers involved in the lives of children to seek information that can be applied to the well being of allowing each unique child to reaching his/her potential.

Hello. I am Regina F. Toscani, a Special Education Teacher in the School District of Philadelphia. I choose to create this web page to constructively express my belief that all life is sacred. From conception to death all human life should be protected, nurtured, and cherished. My hope is that people will use the knowledge in this page and other web sites to increase their understanding of prenatal and child development, and apply it to their lives. In this way, the children of the future will have a healthier and smarter beginning to a wonderful life. I want to thank Bryn Mawr College for the opportunity to create this web page. My deepest gratitude goes to Dr. Paul Grobstein for encouraging me to have the courage to creatively express myself.