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Thursday morning, 26 July


neurons, action potentials, resting/receptor/generator potentials, synaptic potentials, inhibition, signals end and start in middle of box, thinking backwards about behavior

Yes, signals can start in the middle of the box, at all scales

Isolated Nervous System

Isolated Neuron

Isolated leech nervous system: activity in motor nerve (Brodfuehrer and Grobstein, see Variability in Brain Function and Behavior Isolated Aplysia neuron (Alving, B.O., J. Gen. Physiol. 51: 29-45, 1968; figure from Kandel, E.R., Cellular Basis of Behavior, W.H. Freeman, 1976, p 255)

What do these ideas make you think, wonder, worry about? Briefly write thoughts in forum.

Consolidating: One way to see the brain work (takes time)

Moving on ...


Learning from simplifying:

Extending the idea of internal signalling:

Adding back to get more:

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