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Wednesday morning, 25 July


Interconnected boxes made up of interconnected boxes made up of ..., LOTS of them, neurons, pretty much the same everywhere, spinal cord works by itself, "I-function" one of the boxes ... What did it make you think, wonder, worry about?

Gladys M. Baskerville Dimner Beeber Middle School
Patrice J. BraxtonFitzsimons Middle SchoolCan one actually move head to another body?
Karen CohenAbraham Lincoln High School
Robert A. ColeDimner Beeber Middle School
Sylvia CooperC.W. Henry Middle School
Christeena MathewsPhiladelphia High School for Girls
John DaltonAbraham Lincoln High SchoolIs the "I function" synonomous with consciousness or consciousness/unconsciousness? Are I-function box borders different in different people?
Pamela T. HarrisHill-Freedman Middle School
Bertha May HensonPhiladelphia High School for Girls Is Christopher still a combination of mind and body?
Randal HollyFitzsimons Middle SchoolI believe that the inclination one has to exist as a serial murderer or any other classification of being exists soleley in the "I-funtion" of the nervous system. If one could replicate/construct the enormous number of synaptic connections between the brain and the spinal cord, one theoretically could transplant the head onto another body and continue with one's existence as a serial murderer with a capable body for carrying out these morbid interests.
Sharon P. LeeCW Henry School
Janet P. MiddletonLewis Middle School
Susannah StarkweatherPhiladelphia High School for GirlsWould be hard to live with just an I-function/tr>
Regina ToscaniBenjamin Rush Middle SchoolWhy are some people so elitist that they believe that they can judge the world by looking in a mirror and declaring that image the "norm"? How is it possible that this type of person can become extremely myopic and see only a small portion of the world? Is there hope for that person, and if so, what is must be changed?

I suspect that this type of person is ignoring all the possibilities that his/her brain is generating, and therefore, this person is limiting their own evolution. This type of person wants limits set on the world so that he /she does not have to face their own fears/desires/di ...

Nayjuana WoodberryLewis Middle School

The neuron - how does it work?

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