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Monday afternoon, 23 July

Different animals behave differently. Are their brains different?

Different individuals behave differently. Are the brains of individuals different from one another? Are individual brains different at different times?

What conclusions do we want to draw from this? About brain = behavior? About ... ? What new questions does it raise?

Gladys M. Baskerville Dimner Beeber Middle School What can you do with information. where take it? How does ability to change depend on background, prior changes? How critical is early brain size?
Patrice J. BraxtonFitzsimons Middle SchoolHow much limitation in change is there? Can one go on exploring indefintely? What about human propensity to destruction?
Karen CohenAbraham Lincoln High SchoolHow are we connected to animals, what parts of our brains similar to those of other animals?
Robert A. ColeDimner Beeber Middle SchoolCame in thinking that all adults had same brains.
Sylvia CooperC.W. Henry Middle SchoolTesting structures don't coincide with what going in classroom
Christeena MathewsPhiladelphia High School for GirlsHow much can you change. Depressed friend going through separation?
John DaltonAbraham Lincoln High SchoolEndangered Minds: window of opporunity; Gardner's multiple intelligences: early limits on development; limits with, eg, inability to hear tones; early formative years critical?
Pamela T. HarrisHill-Freedman Middle Schoolhuman/baboon similar superficially; how get students at fringes to be more like those in middle? how facilitate change?
Bertha May HensonPhiladelphia High School for GirlsKnew people had different brains because act differently, how can we use similarities to get brains to retain larger junks of information
Randal HollyFitzsimons Middle SchoolHow personalize program for thirty-three different brains? Can one person do such a task?
Sharon P. LeeCW Henry SchoolHow individualize? Use forums/gestalt therapy? Is it succcessful?
Janet P. MiddletonLewis Middle SchoolDo we perhaps WANT a generic platform that will motivate individual students to individual inquiry? Let child do the individualized component.
Susannah StarkweatherPhiladelphia High School for GirlsWant to know about auditory processing, adoptive parent of three children, went to adopt a fourth. Can years of neglect be overcome? How as educator transmit "heavy duty biol curriculum" that doesn't seem to relate, not "internalizable"? Brains multiply influenced.
Regina ToscaniBenjamin Rush Middle SchoolIf humans have less desireable behaviors, can we change them by changing the brain?
Nayjuana WoodberryLewis Middle SchoolCan sharks outthink humans?

Animals that behave differently have different, but not entirely different brains. What exactly IS the difference? Vertebrate brains sort of similar but sort of different What are parts ... let's look more closely

Does that help with brain = behavior? Can we use it to better understand behavior?

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