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Monday morning, 23 July

A Starting Place: aspirations for the institute, your classroom, education generally?

Gladys M. Baskerville Dimner Beeber Middle School Family/consumer science, human development, child care - share with students importance of prenatal and early year experience, how come children's brains don't want to work in middle school years, brain always has been of interest - intimidated by internet
Patrice J. BraxtonFitzsimons Middle SchoolEnglish/science/reading - more hands on manipulative, sparking kids interests, apply bb to students, become better instructor
Karen CohenAbraham Lincoln High SchoolEnglish - want students to shift into thinking mode, because THEY want to, make classroom more of a "marketplace", with teacher both as producer and consumer of knowledge
Robert A. ColeDimner Beeber Middle Schoolall courses - hope its not too much to deal with delving into subject of science, general curiousity about psychology, want to understand students beter, ARE thinking but not about what I'm teaching, understand bb may be more patient, have more sympathy, interested in self
Sylvia CooperC.W. Henry Elementary SchoolWill be teaching 7th grade science, science not favorite subject, institute recommended, brain "a good place to start", could have been at Merion Cricket Club, brain new teacher both level and subject
Christeena MathewsPhiladelphia High School for Girlsbiology, envrionmental/earth science, second year teacher - still have lot to learn, kids assume things, where does it come from, can help if understand brain better
John DaltonAbraham Lincoln High SchoolEnglish, service learning - learn how people acquire language, interested in literacy/reflection/cognitive aspects
Ernestine DoveWilson Middle School
Sharif El-MekkiJohn P. Turner Middle School
Beverly Ann GriceDimner Beeber Middle School
Pamela T. HarrisHill-Freedman Middle SchoolBack after being out of classrom for long time, learning support - recommended by last year participants', interested in relevance of brain/behavor for learning, learning support; has been using for own students activities prepared for others, wants to understand how students react/respond differently, how students and schools' expectations interact, learning through fighting and battling
Bertha May HensonPhiladelphia High School for Girlsscience lab assistant - whatever knowledge helps to interact with instructors, covers all science disciplines, need as much help as can get
Randal HollyFitzsimons Middle Schoolscience department head and teacher - integrate neurology into 7th grad curriculum, wants practical experience, ways to make use of kids' enthusiasm for internet
Sharon P. LeeCW Henry Schoolscience - was phobic last year, still new in science area, liked Science as Exploration - obtain knowledge about brain and behavior, learn all can and get over phobia
Janet P. MiddletonLewis Middle Schoolmath, and general science need fire putter outter - saw projects from last year, thinking going on but what are they actually taking on, what blocking out? How get inside mind of adolescent, see what actually going on there
Susannah StarkweatherPhiladelphia High School for Girlsscience, biology etc., research background - would like some labs, would like to turn students onto science as career, teaching/research/health care; how to help develop metacognition skills, including two of own kids; interested in web research for self and classroom
Regina ToscaniBenjamin Rush Middle Schoolspecial ed, all subjects - recharge battery, increase/update knowledge about why kids do what they do, would like to be braver with internet
Nayjuana WoodberryLewis Middle Schoolsixth grade - relearn parts of brains/functions of it; sister has brain injury; would like students to have same curiousity; is there such a thing as "slower" and "faster" brains?
from Science as Exploration Institute 2001

The Nature of Science The Nature of Life

The Brain - is wider than the Sky -
For - put them side by side -
The one the other will contain
With ease - and You - beside.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

The Nature of Behavior and the Brain

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Gladys M. Baskerville Dimner Beeber Middle School Are connected but ... behavior an outcome of what is processed in brain. See from life that have to process before do. Gives you free will/choices, can follow or not follow rules, respond or not respond.
Patrice J. BraxtonFitzsimons Middle SchoolBrain and behavior separate but work together. In order to become one unit you need many members. Making decisions in life, sometimes function consciously, sometimes unconsciously
Karen CohenAbraham Lincoln High SchoolLooks plausible. IF wil/self are part of brain. Where does mind/self/will come into this? OK if mind subset of brain. But ... how well can we know who we are. May raise question about whether you do have free will. Aware of how many things I"m not aware of. Lots of unconscious things.
Robert A. ColeDimner Beeber Middle SchoolSee spirits instead of brains. Soulis mind/spirit/emotions. Brain is part of body, does work like thinking. Personality is something different, includes emotion/love. Doesn't fit into brain, which works, classifies, evaluates. Was happy with that. Faith involved. Was told by my pastor.
Sylvia CooperC.W. Henry Middle SchoolIn order to do anything, something has to come from somewhere. Assume its brain. Output is through what you do. Affecting a tennis stroke, have to take info from thinking center and go through physical to carry out. Emotions/opinions same. We are what we think.
Christeena MathewsPhiladelphia High School for GirlsHesitant to say same thing, missed something to link it together. Dr. Phil and Oprah, he comes and says change thinking/change behavior. Thinking affects behavior but ... work together. Dr. Phil makes sense. Life can be changed if you want to, can think, have will
John DaltonAbraham Lincoln High SchoolHave more localized and limited def of brain. Unconscious and involuntary in space of body not processed in brain but play large role in behavior. Therefore, things much more determinate (psychic determinism) than free will. Twin studies important. Non-verbal communication plays big role in behavior.
Ernestine DoveWilson Middle School
Sharif El-MekkiJohn P. Turner Middle School
Beverly Ann GriceDimner Beeber Middle School
Pamela T. HarrisHill-Freedman Middle SchoolNot convinced that they're the same. Brain more mechanical, does the work for the body, helps to facilitate walking/chewing/etc, things that go on with self. Love/hate/dreams/judging/self are perceptions rather than something directly connected to brain. Continuous cycle between two, though disconnect sometimes. From looking at people and responses, see them as perceptions and responses to activity of brain.
Bertha May HensonPhiladelphia High School for GirlsDo not believe brain = behavior. MIssing element. Brain thinking, telling us what to do. Another force alters our patterns. What says pan is hot when brain reaches to touch pot? Brain constantly making decisions that alter behavior. Brain all powerful in everything we do.
Randal HollyFitzsimons Middle SchoolDon't concur. Organisms behave that don't have brains. Single cell organisms behave but don't have brain. Brain instantaneously generates behavior when brought into existence, different/distinct in relation to other brains. Should look at how we categorize people in relation to behaviors since every brain unique. Stop trying to do easiest thing in terms of populations
Sharon P. LeeCW Henry SchoolFrom listening, change a little. Cultural backgrounds and exposures determine actions/reactions. Tourette's/depression/AD are learned, or neurological? In addition to brain, there is stuff that's learned. From observing people.
Janet P. MiddletonLewis Middle SchoolBrain is receptor for stimuli. Then there is a process, which is behavior. Trying to cross street, react to speeding car. If don't react, the something wrong with brain? Brain a thing, but behavior a process.
Susannah StarkweatherPhiladelphia High School for GirlsBrain a control center; behavior a feedback system, info to brain which in turn modifies behavior. Also believer in Dr. Phil and common sense, ability to distill. Informative and valuable.
Regina ToscaniBenjamin Rush Middle SchoolYes, but doesn't develop in isolation. Body an important input. Act differently in relation to "attractive" person. Not as clear cut as people want to say. Other factors. Spark of divinity in addition, that was put there by something outside of us.
Nayjuana WoodberryLewis Middle SchoolWas leaning, but ... after listening. Would mean we don't have conscious/self-will. And we do. Some of behavior influenced by spirits.


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