Attention Deficit Disorder In Children : A Function Of The Brain.


All the external stimuli that impact an individual generate action otentials in the neurons which are connected to one another and eventually lead to the Central Nervous System/ Brain where the responses to stimuli are rationalised. A man steps on a sharp object and a couple of things happen:

  • Raises his foot quickly
  • Yells loudly
  • Removes the object quickly if necessary.
  • Apply first aid as required

    Special computer softwares have helped to confirm that a problem with development of neurons in children maybe responsible for ADHD.

    Children with ADHD used to be mistaken for children with behavior or emotional problems. After MRI scans were taken, special computers were used to measure and analyse differences in neural wiring network.MRI to the rescue


  • Short attention span
  • weak impulse control
  • excessive activities
  • ADHD is not caused by the enviroment of the child but from biological sources. So far no one has identified any cause of ADHD. One of the things that has been associated with causing ADHD is that it is genetic {that is, it runs in the family.}

    Albert Einstein ADHD is not necessary a symbol of dumbness or any form of lack of intelligence or even retardation. Albert Einstein was diagnosed for ADHD but also came to be labelled as THE PERSON OF THE CENTURY by Time Magazine dated 12/99. How many "Albert Einsteins" have fallen through the cracks of our educational system today because of wrong interpretations of what ADHD really is?

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