Brain Structure Affects Reading Ability.

Brain structure may be as important as some other factors in affecting reading ability. The size of the temporal lobe of the brain has a particular effect on the reading ability of a child. Children with larger left temporal lobes who are right handed, are more likely to have less reading problems than those with large right temporal lobes who are right handed. Brain Structure/Reading

The Brain's Role In Reading To & Reading By Children.

When children read by themselves or are being read to by someone else they comprehend the reading material or language the same way .This means they interprete the material they read the same way as they will interprete it when someone reads to them.That is why a child answers a question for both reading and listening the same way.According to research on the brain, activities that are associated with reading and listening are very similar. This is what we call EARLY READING COHERENCE

Brain And Reading Comprehension In Kids.

Reading has been said to be a pivotal aspect of a child's education right from the early stages of life. In fact, literacy skills , according to research and experience can be acquired from conception. Comprehension of reading material is very much related to so many factors which are both internal and external. The brain is a major internal influence on reading comprehension . Various activities which are highly intricate and complex go on around and inside the brain to affect reading comprehension.

Brain Injuries Sometimes Affect Reading Abilities.

Understanding written language can be affected by AN INJURY OF THE BRAIN.If the injury affects a particular aspect of the brain which has a direct relevance to reading then the ability to read will be jeopardised. For example left sided visual field disorder will produce difficulties in the child to find the beginning of the line or word or often will omit smaller words.

Reading To Children Stimulates Early Brain Development.

. Studies have shown that the brain is not completely done developing at birth and there is a direct correlation between stimulus and early brain development in children. Neural connections are reinforced by use but can be eliminated if not used. It is important to note that care givers should read to children to stimulate their brain development.

No right or wrong answers: Ambigious pictures.

This picture has a couple of alternatives for the brain to interprete. The child can read this as his or her brain interpretes the size of each soldier. Which of these is the tallest? Ambiguity in pictures is not unusual, but we must remember that the more differently children see pictures, the more variable their answers to questions will be.

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