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Monday morning, 17 July

A week in, a week to go: what learned last week? (what less wrong about?), what want this week? ( to be even less wrong about?)

Nancy J. Bialon Lincoln High School very aware that body had chemical reactions, thoughts of synapses as electrical relays, knowing that at simplest level there are chemicals important for taking care of self; number of synapses (as opposed to endings) also an eye opener; had been taught that cells "think for themselves", interested in harmonizing chemical reactions with that ---- differences between males and female brains in learning? when stop being "natural" learner, stop being fun? roles of hormones on brain?
Aliya A. CatanchHill-Freedman Middle SchoolDid learn about neurons/boxes but won't hang on to it very long in that particular way .... will hang on to more general philosophies .... difference between good and bad science .... can teach "scientific method" in way that draws in students rather than having them run ... learned about "reality", different for different people, need to go where students are, see what they see, to reach them. Finds "tapestry" depressing, wishes one could "fix it", is half empty side of cup, half full is to adjust/change? Interested in male/female differences, self/fiance "see different pictures". How learn? Better if don't need big breaks.
Karen CohenAbraham Lincoln High Schoolcame with little to no info, sensory neurons come from outside, motor output to outside, had never thought about "inside" (interneurons), inside stuff makes us both unique and similar at the same time, from genome, from other places, makes us unique, what comes from outside becomes inside, distinctive, "unique but the same" ---- what happens at adolesence, why harder to reach students, cognitive functions dramatically different?
Carolyn FitchettCW Henry School wants to be less wrong about brain/nervous system, can inputs happen outside or only inside, are outputs reactions? Two ways of looking at behavior, excitement and removing excitement. Also wants to be less wrong (have something presentable) for computer project. Good feeling about learning html.
Nora A. KasperFather Judge High School"unique but same" helps to create community, respect for uniqueness. Also interested in hormones, gender, effects on education. Relations between brain and body in relation to environment, healing, environmental stresses. How to use student-centered or inquiry approach in classroom, what do to both respect uniqueness and give semblence of order?
Heidi R. KingBartram Human Services
Sharon P. LeeCW Henry SchoolOverwhelmed by knowledge in short time. Has been intrigued by Tourette's, what causes it, how controlled? Likes web page, wants to refine.
Sheila F. MalloryJohn P. Turner Middle School
Ayotola O. OrontiFeltonville Academics Plus SchoolFascinated by web page, liked to be able to see with "page source". Autonomy of small boxes, how brain and behavior run together, new understanding of father's stroke. ---- wants to understand better external events, inputs, how things like child abuse affect brain; as a teacher, how to have positive influences on brain?, if its brain, can one help?
Babatunde Ade OrontiOlney High School Brain/behavior connection, what happens as enter adolesence, from angels to something else? Will show in MRI? Any slight modification in nervous system can can major external manifestation? What is real? What comes from internal side? How get people to trust what each other, other people say? "Know better" when see things happen in class. Creatures, web pages fascinating.
Inger S. SegreDimner Beeber Middle School"a plethora of information which can be overwhelming for cerebral digestion yet possesses a variety of stimulating and interesting flavors when slowly consumed can be mentally satisfying morsals of information".
Aaron StarkeWilliam T. Tilden Middle SchoolInterested in stroke, dealing with in family at the moment. Brain's capacity for memory? Control on physical kinds of things? How "convince oneself" to do something you didn't think you could do?
Carolyn S. TysonJohn P. Turner Middle SchoolLearned a lot about box model of brain. Struck by how many neurons. How take what learned, relate to patterns of behavior of children, how use to make children better learners? Say things (or write things), see what happens, in circle, instead of presuming there is simply output.
Deonna L. VickersJohn P. Turner Middle School
Judith A. VladJulia R. Masterman Middle/High School
Wanda T. WilliamsJohn P. Turner Middle SchoolComing from large (crazy) family , how come different people in same household see things differently? What is brain "playing tricks on one"? What happens with people like Reagan? How make brain more active? What happens to own nervous system.?
Paul GrobsteinBryn Mawr College
Jan RichardHaverford College, Bryn Mawr College

Making sense of the sensory side of the nervous system

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