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Tuesday morning, 11 July

The spaghetti box model of the nervous system: stimlus, response

But if brain=behavior:

Being less wrong: boxes within boxes: input, output, autonomy

Looking at the real thing ("its boxes all the way down" - input neurons, output neurons, interneurons)

Brains "similar but different"

Boxes semi-autonomous

Some relevant web references, for Feb 1,3:

Divisions of the nervous system

Brain Development

Brain Variation

Comparative Neuroanatomy (mammalian)

Invertebrate Nervous Systems

Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections

The Whole Brain Atlas

Frog Brain

Neuroscience Tutorial

Leech Neurobiology Newsletter

Global Anatomy, includes neuroscience and histology units, resources


Histology-Nervous Tissue

Types of Nerve Cells

Gallery of Neurons

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