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Monday morning, 10 July

A starting place: aspirations for the institute, your classroom, education generally?

Nancy J. Bialon Lincoln High School math, computer literacy, want HTML, curious about male/female brains, metaphyiscs, hands on healing, chakras, eastern medicine, psychic work
Aliya A. CatanchHill-Freedman Middle Schoolphobia/large disdain for science, middle school math/sci/social students/language arts to various student groups, have been taking courses to "appreciate science" so can encourage "largely Afro American students" to grow up without science phobia, wants to know about brain, how to stimulate students.
Karen CohenAbraham Lincoln High SchoolEnglish teacher, students interested in environ science, wants to create interdisciplinary thematic units, wants to use sci in own classroom, forums for discussion. Re literature: how to make metacognitive link between literature and own life experiences. How to appeal to different learning styles.
Carolyn FitchettCW Henry SchoolSixth grade teacher, is science teacher in "cycle". Learning styles, exciting students about science. Brains something students are excited about, can work with hands on, connected with brains in learning.
Nora A. KasperFather Judge High SchoolPhysical and environmental science. Former science phobic. Uses internet, having taken prior institutes and with students. Likes taking advantage of diversity in classroom. All male school, interested in gender differences.
Heidi R. KingBartram Human ServicesSocial science, psychology, contemporary issues. Connections between mental, phsyical (and spiritual). Likes movement in classroom, students and self. Learning depends on listening to students. Want to listen to each other and MOVE. "Your Miracle Brain" by Carper?
Sharon P. LeeCW Henry SchoolScience and math, seventh and eight grade. Taught self contained science at elementary school. USI courses helped to reduce science phobia. Wants to understand brain and how affects behavior, alternative medicine, healing, touch therapy.
Sheila F. MalloryJohn P. Turner Middle SchoolComputer science. Interested in putting together web page, having students do so. Wants to see where one gets to by end of institute.
Ayotola O. OrontiFeltonville Academics Plus SchoolElementary school. How brain connects to behavior. Why strange behaviors? What going on INSIDE? Experiences with brain damage in auto accidence, got "smarter"? Possible?
Babatunde Ade OrontiOlney High School Ninth grade. Behavioral management strategies. Hence attracted by bBi. Differences between brain and behavior. How do things affect brains/behavior? Drugs? Teachers "active physics"
Inger S. SegreDimner Beeber Middle School Computer science. Want things for students that strengthen analytical skills, for both regular and special students. Studying design at Moore. Is part of vacation. Make lesson plans challenging and fun, juices flowing.
Aaron StarkeWilliam T. Tilden Middle SchoolFifth grade. Interesting in how environmental factors in brain, cross disciplinary ways of integrating science, web page creation.
Carolyn S. TysonJohn P. Turner Middle SchoolInterested in alternative health. Wants to match teaching styles to student learning styles. Don't know enough about brain to do this. Start classes with ideal, enthusiasm, wanes as one worries about "getting behind". Too much time telling students what to know instead of being "guides". Wants help in being better guide.
Deonna L. VickersJohn P. Turner Middle SchoolBetter understanding of students and behaviors in classroom. Teaches reading, wants to intergrate computer science with it. Want children seeing reading as a foundation, across curriculum.
Judith A. VladJulia R. Masterman Middle/High SchoolMath teacher. Spent twenty years outside education, teaching adults sales skills. Adults different than seventh/eighth grade. Interested in how students learn, "discovery", interaction with others, how create communities, "calm/harmony/perspective". What brain does for us, why learn one way or another, how "treat their brain well"? Foods, brain, eye movements, what imprints on brains from "day one", how much ability to adjust community?
Wanda T. WilliamsJohn P. Turner Middle SchoolWants help with own brain and behavior. How brings kids up to where we want them to be? Teachs math, science.
Paul GrobsteinBryn Mawr CollegeHave always wanted to know why I (and other people) behave the way they do, and what I can do about it. Hope you all will help me figure out some of the next answers since I think its important for improving education for everybody.
Jan RichardHaverford College, Bryn Mawr CollegeStudent centered instruction, how can we change teaching to do this? How can computers contribute to this? Is assessment possible? How relates to intelligence? How do measurements relatate to life skills? How make students better critical thinkers? How does personality affect learning? Can encourage attitudes that make learning easier? What are the limits on ability to learn? Are there different windows at different times? Social development? Dropped beyond elementary school. How support continued social development. Memory, how/why does it work, relation to intelligence, age?

Essential preliminaries:

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