the universe bar: official drink contest
   Lunt Cafe is hosting a contest to create the official drink of the Universe Bar. The winning entry will be selected by Lunt Cafe managers and U-Bar organizers, and will be added to the menu at Lunt Cafe. The prize: posterity for all time, and a $35 Lunt account for its inventor.
   Send in an original recipe with a suggested name and a reason why it should be U-Bar's official drink. Drop it off in person at Lunt Cafe, or email it to spoon-at-haverford-dot-edu. Entries will be accepted until 11:59pm, Monday, Feb 14th 2005.

a schedule of conversations

Wed Feb 9, Lunt Cafe (HC) @ 8pm
Tsunami: a new story
Paul Grobstein

Wed Feb 16, Clynnoc House (BMC) @ 8pm
The space of dreams
Orah Minder & Maria Scott-Wittenborn
what is u-bar?

Ever find yourself wondering about the universe and your place in it?

The Universe Bar is a gathering of individuals interested in an informal exploration of questions that matter.

We welcome people of all backgrounds and interests, and value contributions from all segments of academia (humanities, social sciences, natural sciences) and beyond.

Conversations take place every Wednesday in Lunt Café (Haverford College) or Clynnoc House (Bryn Mawr College), from 8pm to 9pm. Need directions?

All are welcome.

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