Women, Sport, and Film Course

Cosponsored by Athletics and Physical Education at Bryn Mawr College and the Exercise and Sports Studies Department at Smith College, with support from the Center for Science In Society at Bryn Mawr College and the Serendip website.

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This is a place to share stories, thoughts, and reactions to the films and discussions of the Women, Sport, and Gender film course. Think of it not as a place to "write", but rather as another form of conversation: a place to leave your ideas and feelings for the benefit of others, and a place to learn from the ideas and feelings of others. You should leave your thoughts here after each film showing/discussion, but are welcome to visit and revisit as often as you like. Remember the idea of the course is not to defend particular positions but rather to learn from each other as the course goes along.

Because of the number of people involved, we have set up five separate forums for the course, with a different faculty member associated with each. Students have been randomly assigned to the forums, except that we have arranged things to assure that each forum has a mix of students from Bryn Mawr and from Smith. You're welcome to read any or all of the forums, but please do your own posting in your assigned forum. To do so, click below on the name of the faculty member associated with your forum. Information about how to post will be provided there. You can similarly click on a name below to read other forums.


Discussions are available in the FORUM ARCHIVE.

Please post by the end of the weekend following each class session. At the beginning of each new week, the forums will be cleared and the comments made available in an archived form as a contribution to further discussion both in this course and more generally.