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Women, Sport, and Film - Spring 2005
On Serendip

High School Romance

Elizabeth Olvier

The year 2010 seems so far away, but it really isn't. So, the story line of my movie will be contemporary and will focus on sexual orientation. The two main characters will be closeted lesbians on a high school basketball team.

It is the beginning of the season at the end of November and Amy is a junior and Kristin is a senior. The two girls had gotten close over the summer, but in the way that people from two very different clicks can They talked online, but hardly ever in person except for an occasional "hi" in the hallways. Online, they talked about everything from basketball to the meaning of life and they really did enjoy each other's company. One enjoyed it a little too much.

During the summer, fall, and into the season, Amy developed romantic feelings for Kristin. She didn't completely understand those feelings until one night when they were online talking together. Kristin brought up the subject of homosexuality and bisexuality. Kristin said that one of her friends had recently come out to her and said she was bisexual. Kristin asked Amy what she thought about the whole thing.

Amy was really excited by this conversation and discloses to Kristin that she feels differently for women than most women do. Kristin seemed confused, but also intrigued. Towards the end of the conversation, Kristin asked Amy if she wanted to "hang out" after practice the next day. Amy was thrilled. She called up a friend immediately to tell her. When on the phone, she received a beep it was Kristin calling to tell her she couldn't hang out.

The next morning at practice Amy was very confused and sad. Kristin wouldn't even speak to her. Over the course of the next week, Kristin gives a letter to Amy (one that she demands to have back so there will be no evidence) telling her that it was all a joke Kristin had been laughing the whole time. Amy is devastated.

The point of view will shift to Kristin's at this point and it will go back to the online conversation. Kristin will be crying but also smiling. Kristin really does care for Amy and has since this summer. She just can't come out, though. She isn't as strong as Kristin.

The end of the season comes and they win the state championship. The team is elated and they go through the usual end of the year events cookouts, parties, and an awards ceremony. Throughout all of the events, Amy can't look at Kristin, but Kristin keeps sneaking glimpses of Amy. The point of view will keep switching back and forth and throughout the movie there will be narrating by both Amy and Kristin on what they are thinking.

The entire movie will be building up to their love affair, but the audience will be let down after the online conversation. But, after the conversation, there will be something in the air of the film that will make the audience want this relationship to happen no matter how much Kristin hurt Amy and herself.

The last scene will be at a class reunion with Kristin and her husband speaking with Amy and her wife. Amy is thriving with a great career and a great home life. Kristin's life is in ruins She has a marriage she hates and a husband she cannot connect to.

This story represents what peer pressure and fear can do to people. In professional, amateur, and school sports there are lesbians who cannot come out. They cannot be with one another if they care because of their fears. So, even though Kristin didn't want to hurt Amy there was nothing else she could do to save face she thought.

The outcome of the movie isn't obvious, I don't think. That is what makes it interesting. This is no typical love story and it's not about people being gay one minute and being with a man the next. This is about a lasting love that a person cannot admit or satisfy due to social pressures. These two girls *are* lesbians and they did genuinely care for one another, but only one could admit it and she ended up better in the long run for it.

This story takes place during a basketball season, because basketball is a winter sport and I think that will add drama to the film. There will be sadness in the air and sadness in the lives of these two girls.

This film will seek to inspire girls to be themselves no matter what the costs. The people that aren't true to themselves are the ones that end up worse off in the long run.

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