Women, Sport, and Film Course

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Marisha Banerjiimage of women in sport
Catherine BarieChallenging the "typical Hollywood" Film Narrative: Pat and Mike and Bend It Like Beckham
Elisha ColterClothing as an Image in Athletic Films
Jane DechertThree Significant Movies
Lauren DoughtyGive Me Liberty or Give Me Rocky: Non-Traditional Vs. Traditional Sports Films
Catherine EichhornFemale Athletes in Society
Tegan GeorgesChallenging versus Overcoming: Women's Sports Films and the Traditional Hollywood Narrative
Katie HallThe Traditional Hollywood Narrative and Its Role in Women's Sports Films
Angeldeep KaurChallenging Tradition: Hollywood Narrative of Women's Sports Films
Jessica Leger"A League of Their Own" "Pumping Iron II" "Bend It Like Beckham", Women in Sport, Challenging Views
Beatrice LucaciuSocial Issues for Women in Sports
Stephanie MasielloBelieve in Yourself
Devon MontgomeryWhat do you remember? A look into Themes and Images of Sports Films
Christy Did any of the films successfully challenge the traditional narrative?
Mo-Gyung RhimChallenging the typical Hollywood narrative
Laura SockolCompelling Films
sung limReformed Societal Issues in Film Today

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