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Women Living Well: Mind/Body Connection - 2002
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Natalie merrill

During this Women Living Well seminar, we have focused on creating connections between our mind and body. I have found several things quite helpful for learning to manage my mental as well as physical health in a stress intensive environment such as Bryn Mawr.

Several things were particularly interesting hearing about, such as the discussions on anxiety and depression and stress. Learning about these problems in relation to such things as addiction, sleep deprivation, headaches, and exercise was a helpful way to analyze my lifestyle habits and learn to self check my moods with my physical conditions. I have learned that if I am stressed or am experiencing certain moods there are physical things that can help alleviate that such as exercise.

My favorite discussion must have been the sleep deprivation and performance speaker. It was helpful to hear about ways in which sleep deprivation can interact with my moods and performance- both physical and mental. This has helped me place a higher priority on managing my time, however often there is not a lot you can do during finals week when things get down to the wire. However, I know that during the normal school seminar in the future it would be much better for me to maintain a steady sleeping schedule in order to maximize my learning potential.

This is also related to exercise. I hope to pick up a regular program once again after finals are over. This seminar made me realize how much it can impact your moods, performance and sleeping in a very positive way that makes day to day stress more bearable.

All in all, the connections of physical and mental conditions have helped and will continue to help me manage my time and prioritize things in an appropriate and healthy way.

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