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Women Living Well: Mind/Body Connection - 2002
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The Mind and Body Connection

Monica Locsin

I used to think that the mind and body are separate and distinct aspects of the human experience. Being a part of the Women Living Well Series class has expanded my knowledge on how the mind and body are both inter-related and also work together. Since I am a freshman adjusting to the college life has been one of the major things I had to ever go through in my life. Being continents away from a place that I call home and having feelings of being alone was not easy to go through. The amount of work I get in Bryn Mawr can be very overwhelming, however I try to manage my time in a way that I can still function properly everyday. There are times when I don't get enough sleep because I try to finish a lot of work in one day even though it is not due until the next week.

Another thing is that I wish to go to the gym more. I used to enjoy going to the gym because it was a way for me to release my stress. However living at the other end of campus from the gym, has made me not go to the gym as often as I would like to. I feel that exercise is definitely a big part of the mind and body connection. All of the lectures given in the Women Living Well Series class presented exercise as a way of relieving stress and being more productive. I believe that if your body feels good then it influences the way you feel which greatly influences what you are thinking. In Bryn Mawr, I believe that the Athletics Department definitely offers great opportunities for students to exercise and use the gym facilities. I think it would be a great idea if Bryn Mawr had a small SPA near the gym for facials and massages because this is definitely one way of relieving stress.

Being here at Bryn Mawr has made me more aware of myself as a person, living in a very relaxing environment gives me the time to contemplate about my life and the direction I want it to follow. My eating habits have been better since I have been living in Bryn Mawr, I am more concerned about eating vegetables which is one thing I never ate much of. Most of my friends here are very health conscious and I am glad that they are because they have also helped me change my eating habits. I remember that I would always eat a lot of greasy food. Now I am very concerned with my intake since I am big built. If there was something I would love to change in my lifestyle habits, I would have to say that it would be catching up on my sleep. On the weekends, I also tend to sleep late because I talk to my friends and hang out. Hopefully, I will try to sleep earlier on the weekends and not waste my day. One thing I don't like is waking up on a weekend knowing that half of my day is over. I believe that all these lectures have opened up my eyes on the different things affecting my lifestyle and the choices I make. Having the opportunity to be able to listen to well respected lecturers has been a great experience for me and I thank them for making me aware of this mind and body connection.

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