A Balanced Life

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Women Living Well - 2004

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A Balanced Life

Fritz-Laure Dubuisson

When we talk about balance it is important to look at the entire picture. This includes mind, body , emotions and any other aspects of life which are important to you. Just as we exercise our bodies, it is essential to make sure that these other facets of our being are well maintained and in good condition.

The body is a series of complex networks that work to make up you. When one of the links in the network is failing the others take up the slack. Just as when we used the yarn to exemplify community, the same can be said of the body. An example would be when we are sick, it is both a mental and physical thing. The state of one's mind can either aid or hinder in the healing process.

Balance is hard to maintain. It takes practice and a true understanding of ones self to understand what you need. Balance, as we have demonstrated in our web postings, means different things depending on who you ask. But we all can admit that we need it in our lives.

It is imperative that we take care of our bodies and minds. These are the vehicle through which we experience life. In taking good care of them we are enhancing our potential quality of life. Also through good maintenance to body learns how to positively react to stress. In times of good stress, the well maintained mind and body act in accordance to what is need. When dealing with bad stress, the mind can create alternatives which can work to alleviate the stressful situation.

By learning how to deal with our good and bad stress it becomes easier to deal with ourselves as well as other people. Through this self discipline a sense of community can be built and maintained.

At Bryn Mawr College, the student who can maintain a balanced lifestyle is commended on one hand and questioned on the other. Here it is good to maintain a balanced life, but many on campus do not understand how this can be done without either missing out on something or continuing to maintaining a rigorous academic schedule. Those who have found balance here learn how to prioritize. And that seems to be the hardest thing. Learning how to weed out the ultimately necessary from what can be done at another time.

For me balance equals a life which I am content with. One which includes friends family and other loved ones. It is also very important to take time out for yourself. Sometimes it is also good to just do nothing. That can mean different things but they are all about relaxing and contentment.

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