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Women Living Well Seminar

Mind and Body Connection 2004

Center for Science in Society

Students live, work and study in an all-inclusive world. As undergraduate scholars their lives are not separated by activities, events or issues and they move effortlessly, balancing their intellectual life with the demands of community living and a large variety of clubs and organizations which enhance their lives and learning. The mind-body connection is a powerful one. The ability to create a physical, emotional and intellectual environment that supports ones well-being, is paramount to good health. An enhanced wellness program servicing the broader campus community compliments a rigorous liberal arts education.

As a College devoted to realizing the full intellectual potential of women, one's well-being is central to the learning process. Knowledge and the opportunity to develop habits that encourage a lifestyle that supports physical, intellectual and emotional well-being is the primary goal the Women Living Well seminar. WLW is a five part series designed to increase one's knowledge and stewardship of one's well-being. The seminars are open to the entire College community and the cross-generational discussion and conversation that results from an open forum.

The format of the class will include a lecture on a particular subject that will encourage questions, conversation and discussion about the topic with the presenter. Time will be devoted in each class to a Q and A with the presenter about the topic.

During the week following the class, students will respond to questions on the website. Two responses will be required: the first, responding to the posted question, and the second, a response to or additional thoughts, based upon the group's e-responses. At the conclusion of the seminars, students will submit a 2 page paper online, responding to one of three questions posted. [Note: all responses posted on the web are in the public domain]

For further information, contact Amy Campbell, Director of Athletics and Physical Education.

Other Local Web Resources

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Final Papers


March 17 Introduction Amy Campbell, Director of Athletics and Physical Education, Bryn Mawr College
March 24 will not meet this week  
March 31 The Balanced Self Kim Cassidy, Associate Professor of Psychology, Bryn Mawr College
April 7 The Physical Self Jody Law, Lecturer, Department of Athletics and Physical Education, SWA and Head Tennis Coach,Bryn Mawr College
April 14 The Good and Bad of Stress Reggie Jones, Director of Bryn Mawr College Counseling Center
April 21 The Community Self Marcia Martin, Co-Dean, GSSWSR, Bryn Mawr College

(Meetings are Wednesdays from 12-1 in the Gateway Conference Room)

On-line Forum Area

Reading and Posting to Forums:
Because of the number of people involved, we have set up three separate forums for the course. Students have been randomly assigned to the forums. You're welcome to read any or all of the forums, but please do your own posting in your assigned forum. To do so, click below on the name of the forum. Information about how to post will be provided there. You can similarly click on a name below to read other forums.

Weekly Forum Questions:
The weekly forum question will be posted by the moderator each Thursday morning. Enter your assigned forum group, link to the "last posted question," and then scroll up to the comment "Week xx Question." Respond to the question by linking to "Post a Comment." Each student will be asked to write an initial comment, and then return to the site before the next class meeting, read the comments from the others and respond.

Final Paper Topics

Please answer one of the three questions. Webpapers must be posted by 5:00pm April 30 and a hard copy placed in Amy Campbell's box in Schwartz.

1. Professor Cassidy talked about the positive mental state and Dr Jones talked about positive and negative stress. How do these two important states interact, is it possible to move a student culture toward valuing a positive mental state and what would that realistically look like?

2. Living in community is a challenging responsibility, communities are defined by values, norms, rules, codes, expectations etc. Why do tensions exist in communities, how is that tension useful and when is it too challenging? What can be done to gain a sense of mutuality within a community without giving up your individuality?

3. We talked at the beginning of WLW about balance - Coach Law presented on fitness and how to think about fitness within a balanced life. Using each of the 4 sessions, how do they interrelate and what do they say about balance at Bryn Mawr. Is it possible to lead a life at Bryn Mawr that achieves some balance? How do you define balance?

Final Paper Instructions

  1. Type paper in any word processsing program; print hard copy to turn in.

  2. Create a new file by saving the original paper as "text only". This version will lose some formatting characteristics. Add an empty line to separate paragraphs. Give the text file a distinctive name and close it.

  3. Go to the Web Paper Posting Area. Enter your email address, and your full name and paper title as you want them to appear.

  4. Re-open your text only file. Copy the body of your paper (leaving out your name and the paper title) and paste it in place of the capitalized material in the large text entry window in the web paper posting area. Do NOT erase or change the text before the capitalized material.

  5. Click on the "Preview" button at the end of the web paper posting area to see how your paper will look. You can make modifications in the text entry window and click again on "Preview" until you are satisfied that the paper is as you want it.

  6. Click on "Submit Your Paper" at the end of the web paper posting area.