Leadership in 'Action'
Fall 2004

A program of the Department of Athletics and Physical Education at Bryn Mawr College
organized with a NCAA Division III Initiative Grant and
supported by the Center for Science in Society at Bryn Mawr College and the Serendip website

Leadership is a form of teaching and learning. This program will bring together selected members of the College's athletics teams, coaches, and other members of the College faculty to explore and develop new ideas about the complexities of individuals, of group dynamics and of the challenges of leading groups in the elaboration and achievement of common goals. Conceived and organized by Carol Bower and Jody Law, the program is intended to contribute not only to the understandings of the participants but to broader conversations about the nature of leadership in modern societies. As the program procedes, information from it will be added to this website. There is also an on-line forum for posting of materials related to the program and continuing discussion.


Sunday, September 19
6-8 pm
The Brain: Insights into Individuals and Complex OrganizationPaul Grobstein
Sunday, September 26
6-8 pm
Personality Traits and Group DynamicsKim Cassidy, Marcia Martin
Week of September 27
View movie and start group writing of scripts for documentaries on leadership
Saturday, 2 October (5:30 pm) to Sunday, 3 October
Off campus retreat to produce documentaries

Participating Athletes:

Rugby:Molly Baade '05, Amanda Dougherty '07
Tennis: Jen Mansh '05, Meera Jain '07
Badminton: Ioana Butui '05, Irene Morley '06
Vollyball: Taylor Beaudry '06, Stephanie Sarandon '07
Swimming: Jeni Wolfe '05, Tory Meringoff '08
Cross Country/Track: Lana Momani '06, Anna Tomasulo '07, Cara Petonic '07, Sarah Chan '07
Lacrosse: Millie Bond '05, Jen Lam 06
Rowing: Avery Miller '05, Rheanna Bensal '06
Soccer: Katy Shaw '05, Ruth Zohrer '05
Field Hockey: Diane Christ '07, Nicole Huynh '06
Basketball: Deb Charamella '05, Amy Venditta '05

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