Nervous system as an "information processor" ... implications for thinking about "information" Notice information transmission pathways (cables), multiple processors, reciprocal exchanges, models/story teller distinction Cables, no info change, but significance (info content) critically dependent on channel (info originator/receiver) Info loss in threshholding pervasive - true for arithmetic/logical systems as well But also "information addition" as in lat inhib networks Overall info addition? individuality? self is more than combination of genetic info and that from experience The Black Hole Information Loss Problem, Warren G. Anderson, 1996

Information loss

Information loss

The Black Hole Information Paradox, 2002

Black Hole Evaporation and Information Loss

The Information Paradox (reversibility)

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Information Paradox Solved? If So, Black Holes Are Fuzzballs, SpaceDaily, 4 March 2004

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The (absence of a) relationship between thermodynamic and logical reversibility, Owen Maroney Reasoning With Reversibility, from MathPages global vs local reversibility? entropy is example of something with global irreversibility (info loss?) but local reversibility? (opposite of CA)?