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Center for Science in Society

Bryn Mawr College

To facilitate the broad conversations, involving scientists and non-scientists as well as academics and non-academics, which are essential to continuing explorations of
  • the natural world and humanity's place in it,
  • the nature of education,
  • the generation, synthesis, and evaluation of information,
  • technology and its potentials,
  • the relationships among forms of creativity and understanding.
Director: Paul Grobstein -
Secretary:Lisa Kolonay -
Faculty Steering Committee:
Peter Briggs (English), Maria Luisa Crawford (Geology), Alison Cook-Sather (Education Program), Anne Dalke (Feminist and Gender Studies), Kim Cassidy (Psychology), Victor Donnay (Mathematics), James Martin (Social Work and Social Research), Deepak Kumar (Computer Science), Elizabeth McCormack (Physics), George Weaver (Philosophy), Susan White (Chemistry)
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Events Calendar for Spring Semester, 2002

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Recent and Ongoing Activities

Center Background and History

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