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Fall 2003 Environmental Studies Speaker Series

Talks are on Thursdays, 4:10 pm, in Park 25 (the Biology Dept Lecture Hall).
Contact Ted Wong (twong@brynmawr.edu) for more information.


Sept. 25: Strengthening science in conservation: a focus on Vietnam's biodiversity.
Eleanor Sterling, Director, Center for Biodiversity, American Museum of Natural History.

Oct. 9: Chemical signals in birds: implications for behavior and conservation.
Julie Hagelin, Asst. Professor of Biology, Swarthmore College.

Oct. 23: Demystifying urban agriculture.
Mary Seton, Director and Founder, Greensgrow Philadelphia Project.

Nov. 6: Thoughts on a multicultural urban ecology.
Alec Brownlow, Asst. Professor of Geography and Urban Studies, Temple Univ.

Urban ecologies are changing, both physically and socially. On the one hand, urban ecological structures are rapidly diversifying with the growing introduction of non-native species, especially vegetation. On the other hand, growing racial and ethnic compositions in cities are often accompanied by novel relationships to, perceptions and uses of the natural landscape. These two processes often complement one another, whereby new ecologies offer novel opportunities to rapidly changing urban societies. The relationships are increasingly significant to urban environmental management and landscape restoration policies and programs. Using Philadelphia as an example, this talk will discuss the possible and likely intersections between social and ecological changes in the city.

Nov. 20: Science: tool or weapon on Capitol Hill?
Johanna Polsenberg, Director of Government Relations, National Center for Caribbean Coral Reef Research.

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