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2005-2006 Weekly Series of Brown Bag Lunch Conversations

"Rethinking Science Education"

All are welcome to join us for this series of discussions, Fridays, 1:15-2:30pm, at the Multicultural Center (229 Roberts Road).

*Note new time for spring semester!*

Bring your lunch; snacks and drinks will be provided.

On Line Forum for continuing discussion

Contact Paul Grobstein or Anne Dalke for additional information.

The continuation of a series of broad conversations (see Archive), involving scientists and non-scientists as well as academics and non-academics, that explore

  • the natural world and humanity's place in it
  • the nature of education
  • the generation, synthesis, and evaluation of information
  • technology and its potentials
  • the relationship among forms of creativity and understanding
The intent is to provide a forum to learn about each other's work, to discuss topics and methodological problems that transcend particular disciplines and perspectives, and thus to promote interdisciplinary projects on campus and elsewhere. This year's conversation will focus on "Rethinking Science in Society."

During the first semester, we discussed a series of current social and cultural issues, of significance both in their own right and as examples of the importance for contemporary life of general scientific literacy. During the second semester, we will turn to a consideration of the implications of these discussions for science education, and consider a variety of ongoing innovations in this area.


Spring Schedule and Discussion Links

Jan. 27 Paul Grobstein An Overview of Challenges and Directions
Prediscussion reading
Feb. 3 Anne Dalke

A View from the Humanities

Feb. 10 Victor Donnay Improving Science Education Through the MSPGP
Feb. 17 Mary Beth Davis Teaching Science to the General Public: Perspectives from the Wagner Free Institute of Science

Feb. 24

(rescheduled to April 28)

Peter Brodfuehrer Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) and Science Education
March 17 Sandy Schram

Rethinking the Science Question in Social Science and Social Work:  Practice Wisdom, Local Knowledge, Metis and Phronesis
Prediscussion reading

March 24 Peter Briggs & Al Albano Promoting Cross-Disciplinary Discussion among Freshmen
March 31 Peter Beckmann

Teaching Physical Concepts Beyond the Boundaries of "Standard Culture" and Language

April 7 Deepak Kumar

Rethinking Computer Science Education

April 14 Maeve O'Hara ('08 Math and Education) and Rachel Horton ('07 Biology) The Students' Point of View
April 21 Sharon Burgmayer The Chemistry of Art
April 28

Peter Brodfuehrer


Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) and Science Education

Sharon Burgmayer, "Bridges"
For an exhibit of Sharon's paintings see Transformation

Archive of Prior Conversations

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