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2003-2004 Weekly Series of Brown Bag Lunch Conversations

What Counts?
Measuring Ourselves and the World

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."
--Albert Einstein

Matters of value and quantification are threaded through all our perceptions of the world and our place within it.
Please join us for a series of discussions about how measurement influences our experience and thinking.

Open to all ...
Mondays, 12-1,
Multicultural Center (229 Roberts Road)
Contact Anne Dalke or Ted Wong
for additional information.
The Fall Series has concluded.
A new series on Information will be held at noon on Thursdays during the Spring Semester.

On Line Forum for continuing discussion

Archive of 2002-2003 Schedule and Discussion Links

Sharon Burgmayer, "Interface"
For an exhibit of Sharon's paintings see Transformation

Schedule and Discussion Links

Sept. 8 Ted Wong (Biology) Why Quantify; or, Why the World Is Not Enough
Sept. 15 Anne Dalke (English, Gender Studies) "What is the Better Story"? A Humanist Reflects on the Relation Between Numbers and Narratives
Sept. 22 Arlo Weil (Geology) What We're Counting: Why and How?
Sept. 29 Elliott Shore (Information Services) Conforming to the Count: How We Decide to Do the Things We Do
Oct. 6 Paula Viterbo (History of Science) Counting the Days: Natural Family Planning
Oct. 20 Jody Cohen (Education), Nell Anderson (Praxis) and Gloria Lopez (Posse Foundation) Moving Beyond the Quantitative Definition of Merit: Learning from and with the Posse
Oct. 27 Elena Bernal (Institutional Research) College Rankings: What Factors Drive Them
Nov. 3 Radcliffe Edmonds (Classics) The Theology of Arithmetic
Nov. 10 Liz McCormack (Physics) Concepts of Measurement in Physics
Nov. 17 David Ross (Economics) Bucks, Values and Happiness
Nov. 24 Michelle Mancini (Dean's Office and College Seminar Program) The Face Behind/Above/Within the Numbers: Sentiment vs. Statistics, Then and Now
Dec. 1 Jan Trembley (Alumnae Bulletin) Measuring "Success" and the Alumnae Bulletin
Dec. 8 Paul Grobstein (Biology) Quantity, Quality and Value: A View from the Brain

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