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2004-2005 Weekly Series of Brown Bag Lunch Conversations
Fall Semester

"Science's Audiences"

Interdisciplinary conversations intended to promote communication between and among those in natural science and humanities/social science. Our goal is to provide a forum to know about each other's work, to discuss topics and methodological problems common to several fields, and thus promote interdisciplinary projects on campus. Past Brown Bag series have evolved through musings on metonymy and metaphor, to the meaning of metrics, meaning, noise and information. We now invite a consideration of the topic of "Science's Audiences". Embedded, packaged and collapsed into this seemingly benign topic are oft overlooked issues, such as scientific writing, social negotiation and natural/technological limitations; translating science between cultures; the problems of simplification and metaphor that occur when trying to explain technical, complex concepts to beginner students; the big translation into public policy; and in general, what is lost, gained or changed, and how, when moving from one audience to another. Where we left off last semester regarding coding, re-coding and decoding makes a smooth segue way into issues of science's audiences, as well as to a new arena where we can explore some of our favorite topics from the past. Please come join us, as participant or audience.

All are welcome to join us for this series of discussions,
Fridays, 1:15-2:15,
Multicultural Center (229 Roberts Road).
Contact Sharon Burgmayer or Paula Viterbo or Wil Franklin for additional information.

On Line Forum for continuing discussion

Archive of Prior Conversations

  • Spring 2004:
    "Information, Meaning, and Noise: What's the Difference?"
  • Fall 2003:
    "What Counts?--Measuring Ourselves and the World"
  • Spring 2003: "The Science of Culture/The Culture of Science"
  • Fall 2002: "The Culture of Science"

Sharon Burgmayer, "Bridges"
For an exhibit of Sharon's paintings see Transformation

Schedule and Discussion Links

Sept. 17 Paula Viterbo (History of Science)What's Important About Science's Audiences?
Sept. 24Elizabeth McCormack (Physics)The Trials and Tribulations of Academic Writing: The Case for Cross-Training
Oct. 1 Tamara Davis (Biology) Presenting Science Within and Outside of the Lab
Oct. 8 Anne Dalke (English)Science as Story: Re-reading the Fairy Tale
Oct. 22Kalala Ngalamulume (History)Translating Science Between Cultures
Oct. 29Don Barber (Geology) Interpreting Climatic Catastrophe: Media vs. Science
Nov. 5Karen Greif (Biology)Science and Public Policy
Nov. 19 Paul Grobstein (Biology) Science: What and Who Is It For?

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