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Summary of 10/21/05 Discussion
with Anne Flor-Stagnato and Shayna Israel
"What are the contracts between teachers and students at Bryn Mawr?"

One in a series of Stories of Teaching and Learning

Participants: Nell Anderson (Praxis), Ann Brown (Education), Jody Cohen (Education), Anne Dalke (English), Anne Flor-Stagnato (Comp Lit), Wil Franklin (Biology), Jossi Fritz-Mauer (HC Psychology), Paul Grobstein (Biology), Shayna Israel (Economics/Sociology), Janique Parrott (English), Corey Shdaimah (Social Work/Political Science), Winnie Tang (East Asian Studies), Lim Yuan-Shi (Psychology).

1.) We'll begin by discussing our individual perceptions of teaching and learning and how these ideas were formed. We will also explain how these definitions have been challenged and/or changed at Bryn Mawr. 2.) We'll open the following questions to the audience: What are some of the assumptions about teaching and learning that exist at Bryn Mawr? How do they affect you? For students: What do you do if your needs for teaching and learning are not being met by your professors? How can you approach professors about this? For professors: Feedback on the above question directed at students. How can relationships between teachers and students be modeled after Honor Code principles and the idea of reciprocity between the two parties? What sort of measures should be taken to encourage this new perspective at Bryn Mawr?

The discussion is warmly invited to continue on the on-line forum for "Stories of Teaching and Learning." We will meet again on November 4, when Janet Rhi will tell her "Stories about Teaching English in Rural Poland."

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