And then ... ?

When you're finished, you'll get a nice thank you message and a pretty (we think) picture, suitable for printing and framing. And for now, that's it. But as soon as we have collected some observations, we'll create some summaries of them so everyone can see them. Links to the summaries will appear here, so check back. If you want, you can give us your email address here, and we'll let you know as soon as some summaries have been posted.

And more ... ?

We also plan to set up this exhibit in a way that will allow interested individuals to collect data on populations of people they are particularly interested in, so one could, for example, compare two classes in a school or people interested in baseball with those interested in football or ... whatever. For this purpose, a study organizer would need to assign group names to people in different groups, and then have access to the collected information for those groups. If you're interested in doing something of this kind, let us know and we'll get back to your shortly.