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Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities

Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities has 50 remote-ready activities, which work for either your classroom or remote teaching.

Cooke Middle School visit to Bryn Mawr College - 28 May 1998

Tia Hopson, Crystal Qualls, Tareen Coston, Alana Bell, Felicia Williams, Sharee Sayles, Noelle Hicks, sophia lee, Shanta Lawry, Brianna Tillison, Jacqueline Dubin, Tyree Hankereson, Baunhia Lor, Steven Stones, Holly Moeung, Anthony Hayes, Walter Blunt, Randy Jackson, Leon Hamilton, Jesse Stanton, Willie Mae Hughes, Christopher Williams, Terronn C Plummer, Nikia Brown, Patrice Cooper, Michael Ramos, Steven Carmona, Asia Johnson, Dallas Langley, Taliah Lawson, David Oliveira, Terrance Murray, Domenique Clark, Emmanuella Felix, Sabrina Clark, Henry Rice, Danielle Taylor, Lauren Capers, Shaheed Moore, Mark Brock, Leonard White

What is school for?
To learn .... Henry Rice
About different things ...Jesse Stanton
To help get a job .... Asia Johnson
To get a diploma ... Taliah Lawson
Place to keep you out of trouble ... Michael Ramos
Place to further your education .... Nikia Brown

What is college for?

To learn more .... Christopher Williams
To help you become what you want to become (architect) .... Shaheed Moore
To become educated in a particular subject (computer science) ... Lauren Capers
To get your master's degree ... Emanuella Felix
To learn more about your native past .... Steven Carmona

What is science for?

Research ... Emanuella Felix
Run tests .... Walter Blunt
Nature ... Sabrina Clark
Study of living things .... Shanta Lawry
Study of non-living things ... Patrice Cooper
Learn about the unknown .... Danielle Taylor

Let's do some science: wondering what the brain sees that the eye doesn't

Let's see some science:

Steve Gardiner: animals, cells, electronic microscope
Karen Greif: molecules, cells
Jeff Oristaglio: frogs, brains
Deepak Kumar, Bogdan Butoi: robots, computers

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