Name: MBG
Subject: I need an answer, please
Date: Thu Feb 19 12:50:05 EST 1998
I don't know if this is the best forum to make my question. If this is not, tell me which is the best one. If anyway you can help me, I will appreciate very much your kindness. First of all, excuse my ignorance, but I'm not student or proffesional in psychology. One of my friends told me one day that people with an intelligence coefficient = 120 or more, have many problems to feel integrated in society. I think that he was speaking about Waiss test (I don't remember the name very well...), in which the average value is 100. I NEED to know if it's true, cause for some circumstances I've passed this test and my coefficient is 134. Suddenly, I feel very sad. Sometimes I feel as if I cannot believe that my life has been so wake in spite of my "capacity" (if I really have it). Sometimes I think that is because of my "difference" that my life is wake (I mean, I cannot find persons or things that make me feel really plenty). And now, I'm feeling so stupid for tell you all this things so privates.....!!