Name: tom gretsch
Subject: serenity
Date: Thu Mar 20 00:13:11 EST 1997
If anyone is living with a solid sense of sernity,i would llike to know about it. Because I am in search of the will of my "Higher Power",I am very interested in what I read at the outset of this website.
Name: Tom Witkowski
Username: mrwit
Subject: 4-mat on web
Date: Wed Jul 16 12:45:39 EDT 1997
I believe this is the 4-mat web site that Len was refering to in class today: Tom Wit
Name: Dena Bodian
Subject: text book web page
Date: Thu Sep 25 22:43:00 EDT 1997
I just went to the website for our textbook It's really good...they have an overview of each chapter and self-tests, plus interactive explanations of things that are discussed in the chapter. I'd say it's a definite alternative/supplement for the actual text. -- Dena